Whitesburg KY

Sisters gather for lunch together


Hello everyone. Hope you are all doing well.

We are expecting a big weather change this week. Maybe some snow. Hopefully not, but let’s try to be getting ready.

I enjoyed seeing my cousin William ‘Bill’ Adkins, a son of Imogene Adkins and the late Ray Adkins. He sure looked good.

I hadn’t seen him in a long time. He graduated law school the same day my granddaughter Angie (Hatton) Mullins did. He is a candidate for the 4th Congressional District.

I attended the funeral of Patsy Bowen. It looked good seeing all the volunteers of ARH there. I know all of them and have loved seeing them when I visit there.

I also enjoyed meeting her stepdaughter. She was so nice, and also a beautiful lady. I was pleased to see Marsha Howard and her daughter Hillary Booker and all of the Fraziers and so many people I hadn’t seen in a long time.

I got a call from Viola Caudill recently. It’s good to hear from friends.

My brothers Jack and Charles Howard and I had a real nice visit at Howard’s Carpet Store the other day. We had some food and lots of talking. We’ll do it again soon.

I just heard my old friend Sara Ison is in Letcher Manor Nursing Home. I’ll go up and visit her some.

My sisters Joanne Brown, Louise Shepherd, Kathleen Brock, Don Brown, Shannon Banks, and Carol Day and I all met at Pine Mountain Grill for lunch last Friday. Then I went on to Fishpond Lake for a birthday party for Angie (Hatton) Mullins. It was a great party!

Her parents Sandra and Billy Hatton and her grandmother Maggie Cook, and Larry and listen to this: we had two doctors there. Dr. Jonathon Hatton and Dr. Heath Cook, and two lawyers, Angie and Jamie Hatton, our County Attorney, and two registered nurses, Andrea Hatton, the wife of Jonathon Hatton, and Lora Cook, the wife of Heath Cook; and one physical therapist, Julie Hatton, the wife of Jamie, and all their children, all beautiful.

It was like a little family reunion. We had a great time besides all the great food.

We all fed the ducks until they couldn’t hold any more. We grandmothers felt so proud of all of them. I hope we can do it again.

I enjoyed talking to Hazel Ison recently. We’ve been going to church together for many years, and we’re good friends.

I’ve talked to my sons Rob and Astor this past week, and they and their families are doing okay.

Billy Hatton and Sandra and I had breakfast at Pine Mountain Grill last Friday. We always enjoy that and just sitting and talking.

We have so many people sick. Bro. Earnest Brock is a patient in Pineville Hospital. I hope he gets better fast. His wife Kathleen has been having health problems also, but she is doing better.

I got a call from Claudine Sturgill of Bloomville, Oh., recently. I enjoyed talking to her. We talked about our children and the good old days at Marlowe. She enjoys The Eagle. She knows a lot of the people she reads about and she also got a subscription for all of her children.

Some of my family left last weekend to go on a cruise, Joann Brown, Carol Day, Louise Shepherd, Shannon Banks, Jerry Shepherd and Pam Gardner.

No, I didn’t go. I don’t like to fly and I’m scared to be on all that water. I like to keep my feet on the ground so that’s what I do.

I have a good time doing anything, or nothing. Do I sound boring? I hope I’m not.

My son Larry Hatton and his wife Linda are at the lake for a few days before the weather gets bad. I hope they enjoy themselves. They love it there.

We all appreciate David Raleigh taking our young people up on Pine Mountain for a good time and teaching them rifle safety for when they go hunting. The whole Raleigh family is a great blessing to our church.

Samantha is one of the Sunday School teachers, and their sons love all the children, and Margie loves all the babies and loves to hold them. We appreciate all of our people.

I got a call from Sally Taylor, who was coming to church last Sunday. I’m always glad to see her. She always sits with me like her sister, the late Pat Branham, always did. I still miss her. She was a real good friend of mine. You just don’t forget good friends.

A lot of our people are sick and can’t come to church, and we miss them. We know where they always sit. I think we all have our seats.

It was cold and rainy last Sunday. I sure dread winter and the slick roads. I don’t get out unless I have to.

Our sympathy goes out to all who have lost loved ones. There have been a lot.

I hope that Junior Ray Ison is doing better. I heard he had been pretty sick. He had a knee replacement in Pikeville.

A big hello to all my friends I haven’t talked to in awhile.

May God bless all of you. Try to be in church somewhere this week if we don’t get snowed in.

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