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Sisters gather in Florida


Hello everyone out in Mountain Eagle land, to all the folks in Kentucky, Indiana, Ohio, West Virginia and North Carolina.

I have not written to The Eagle in such a long time. Thoughts are just running through my mind today, and hoping everyone is well and staying warm.

I’ve been here in Florida since Dec. 2014, and been pretty busy running around, going to visit and having a great time at church and camp meetings .

My sisters and I went to Bradenton to hear the Rev. Tommy Bates. He is a preacher from Independence. Then we went to Plant City to hear him. He is an awesome preacher and a true man of God. It was an old-fashioned camp meeting.

My sisters, Reba, Norma Jean and Shirley, were with me in January, but Reba went back to Ohio on Tuesday, Feb. 20. We wish she could have stayed longer.

She was staying with her daughter, Barbara Jean, and her son-in-law, Bill, in Melbourne. She and Barbara Jean flew back up to Ohio to all the cold and bad weather.

I talked to her recently, and it was going to get down to three degrees. It’s nice here, but chilly at night.

Shirley and I went to visit Norma Jean. She lives in Port Charlotte. We are just snowbirds for the winter. We enjoy one another’s company and the weather.

My granddaughter, Kristan Anderson, lives in Orlando. She works at Disney World. We are planning a trip up to see her very soon. Kristan is Jimmy’s daughter. Jim is my youngest son.

We are planning on going to the Strawberry Festival the last of February. It’s in Plant City. If we get to go, we will visit a friend of Shirley’s.

Harold Breeding lives in St. Cloud. Shirley and I visited him when we went to Plant City in January. Harold is a son of the late Elisha and Callie Breeding. They lived at Daniel Branch in Kentucky. We lived there, many years ago.

My sisters, Jean, Christine, Shirley, and I and our brother, Douglas, went to school with Harold and his brothers and sisters at Daniel Grade School.

Harold’s sister, Mary Faye, was my best girlfriend. She lives in Michigan, now. Hi to you, Faye.

Shirley’s daughter Tammy came down with Shirley. She stayed about 10 days. She spent five days with her Aunt Norma Jean. We never got to the beach. She enjoyed the weather better than Canton, Oh., where we live in the summer and fall.

My daughter, Beverly, and her husband, Bryan, were here on vacation for Thanksgiving. They did a lot of work on my house, painting, washing walls and putting up security lights for me. Then she flew up to Ohio and drove me back here to Florida.

When we left Ohio Dec. 11, we drove to North Caro- lina to visit Beverly’s son, wife and baby. We stayed there four days.

I enjoyed being with them. The baby is four years old. We had him a birthday party while we were there in Wilmington, N.C., then we left North Carolina and drove to Greenville, S.C.

We stopped and visited with my stepdaughters Sandra and Paulette and their families. We stayed about five or six hours with them, then drove on to Atlanta, Ga., to Beverly and Bryan’s home.

I stayed there with them for four or five days, then we finally made our way down here to my home. We did make it before Christmas.

I was happy to get here, the weather being in the 70s and 80s and so nice. Beverly says she will be coming real often to visit me and go to the beach.

My oldest son Bobby and wife Pam are going on a cruise. They flew to Miami Friday, Feb. 14, then visited and cruised the Islands of Aruba, Curacao, Turks and Cacaos. They spent eight days, and then back to Miami.

Then they flew back to Canton, Oh., where they live. I’m happy they got out of the cold weather for a few days. It’s been so frigid cold in Ohio.

Late happy birthday wishes to my son Jimmy. He was 43 years young on Feb. 14. He was my Valentine’s gift in 1972.

Shirley and I took our sister Jean out for her birthday. She was 79 years old on Feb. 15. Happy birthday to her.

I’m getting this off in the mail, so I can write more next week.

Stay warm in Ohio, Indiana and Kentucky. We miss everyone.

Hello, Faye Swims, think of you often.

God bless, keep us in your prayers. Your friend and neighbor, Symolene.

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