Whitesburg KY

Sister’s surgery brings Rose Durham to Letcher County

Hello, everyone!. How are things in your little portion of the world? If things keep going wrong in mine. I am taking a vacation and not coming back for a while!

This column is being written at my friend, Linda Hollan’s, house as my computer is down, I think it is like me, it’s worn out. I really appreciate having a friend like Linda.

I really miss talking to Gwen Huff Farmer and Shirley Wells via the Internet.

By the time you read this column, I will have been to the mountains of eastern Kentucky and back to the great State of Ohio. My sister, Loretta Church, who is in Letcher Manor Nursing Home will have one of her legs amputated this week. If I could, I would go through this for her. I know it bothered me when my brother, Wallace, lost his legs, however it seems like this has hurt me so bad. Maybe it is because Loretta is a woman. Please keep her in your prayers.

Loretta tells me that Jr. Crockett and his wife stopped in to see her. Levina and Betty Bryant Kelly stopped in last week.

Loretta is really pleased when someone stops by. Our sister-inlaw, Wanda Hall, stops in frequently as she works at the nursing home certain days.

Ann and Johnny Calihan got their car back. It is running as good as new. After their episode of car trouble, I am a little bit gun shy of traveling by myself. Oh well, got to do what has to be done!

I talked to our brother, Wallace Lee, for a little while. He is doing alright. I plan on stopping by to see him and Georgia when I get to the mountains, Jerry has been sick again and had to go to the doctor.

My sister-in-law, Mattie, called to see how bad I was hurt when she heard I had tried to do some acrobatics. I took a plunge down my front steps and the fence caught my face. I am lucky I didn’t get hurt very badly. I guess I am going to have to give up drinking since I can’t stand up, or else I am going to start drinking to see if it will make me more steady on my feet. Just kidding, I don’t drink, and don’t plan to start.

My brother, Richie Hall, stopped by to see me one afternoon for about an hour. That wasn’t the plan that we had talked about. He took his grandsons back to Hamilton, Ohio, then he stopped by the house for a short visit.

I tried to get him to spend the night. This guy is like his oldest sister, when he wants to head for home there’s no holding him back.

Hello, Bruce and Levine Jones. I wonder if you guys will be having chicken and dumplings for Sunday dinner. I should call Rick and Barb Jones to tell them I will be in the area. Maybe I would get invited for dinner! I know Bruce cooks a big dinner for everyone, so he wouldn’t notice one more.

So far I have received several calls about Lecher County Day, Sept. 29, at Harrison Community Center, 300 George Street, Harrison, Ohio. I hope we have a good turnout for this event.

My daughter, Anna, and her husband, Scott Nottingham, along with the girls, Sarah, Jessica and Katelyn, went to St. Mary’s Ohio on a camping trip. They said they had a miserable time. I said Anna is a city girl. She doesn’t take after her mom! I would have a good time no matter what the situation.

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