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Sister’s surgery is cause for trip to Letcher County

Southern Ohio

Howdy, everyone!

I hope all is fine and dandy in your personal world. I feel like I am holding on by a thin thread! I made a trip to the mountains I love so much. My sister, Loretta Church, had her leg amputated Sept. 29.

Loretta came through like a trooper. She didn’t even have to spend anytime in ICU this time. She has been in so much pain that she was actually glad to have her leg gone. Thanks to Dr. Casam and all the staff at Whitesburg Hospital. Yes, I know there is a strike going on there. I cannot mention all the nurses because I don’t know their names. There is one special nurse who works in O.R. I do want to say a special thank you to, Bessie Shepherd. I sat and watched her and several others scurrying around. It is a wonder they aren’t skeletons as they never stop!

Bessie is a sister to my sweet friend, Betty (Sue) Ison. Betty and Doyle Ison live in Aurora, Ind., where my favorite deck is built!

Clayton decided to go with me on this trip as my car has been making a noise. I dropped him off at my brother, Jerry Hall’s, and I went to Letcher Manor Nursing Home to see Loretta and my brother, Wallace Lee Hall.

I did have one experience at Letcher Manor that bothers me. My daughter, Kay Gray, had sent Loretta a package of lotion and good smelling things from the Bed, Bath & Beyond place. Someone decided they liked her lotion and took a small bottle. If they can live with knowing they took something out of a drawer of a bedfast patient, I hope they enjoy it.

I spent quite a bit of time with Loretta and Wallace Lee, then Clayton and my brother, Jerry, drove me to Ingrams Creek to my brother, Richie, and Wanda Hall’s.

Richie had the camper all fixed up, however I stayed in the house with him and Wanda. Sunday morning I went to Church with Wanda at Cassel Boggs’s little church on Cowan, where once again I really enjoyed the service and the warm fellowship of the people.

This was a small crowd compared to other times. I don’t understand when there are special things going on at churches you will find an abundance of people, yet on an everyday Sunday morning there’s just a faithful few. That seems to be the way in all sorts of places!

If I lived back there, I would make this church my home church. I do believe Cassel is one of the most humble preachers I have ever met; his wife, Opal, is such a special person too.

Everyone I have met there treats me very nice. I got to see the one person I refer to as the peanut butter fudge lady, sweet Alma Tindle.

After church, Wanda dropped me off at Letcher Manor, visiting back and forth between Loretta and Wallace Lee. Clayton brought Jerry and Mattie to visit for a while, then I dropped Clayton, Jerry and Mattie off at Jerry’s and went to Ingrams Creek to spend the night with Richie and Wanda.

The next morning seemed to come awfully fast. Back to Letcher Manor at 8:00. The ambulance picked Loretta up at 9:00 as her surgery was scheduled at 10:00. Wallace Lee’s wife, Georgia, was in the hospital in the room with Loretta.

While I was in the waiting room at the hospital, I met the nicest lady, Willa Mae Boggs. She said her husband is Carl Boggs. Willa Mae was in a lot of pain as she was there due to a fall. She still took the time to tell me how much she enjoyed my column. She also told me she thought I was a lot older; I needed that remark.

I really hope she is okay. I meant to get her telephone number so I could check on her. I didn’t write down her friend’s name that had driven Willa Mae to the hospital. It was nice talking to you, too.

There was a man waiting while his son was going through a test, Preacher Willie Lamb, who has a radio station in Jenkins. I did not know who this man was. I am glad I was on good behavior and didn’t say a bad word. Preacher Lamb does not look his age. I am glad that he was in the waiting room; hello to him and his wife.

I went back to Letcher Manor to visit Wallace before I headed back to Ohio. While walking through the hallway I met a very sweet lady, Lovell Day, who is a sister to Eveda Ison, who lives not far from me. They have a brother named Harding Ison.

I know I am missing some people that I wanted to mention. Since I have been home, my life has been in a whirl!

A recent evening I spent six hours at University Hospital emergency waiting room while my son, Keith Ballard, was being treated. I wanted to ask them if they had a psych floor, just to put me there. They say stress will kill you. If it does, you will be hearing of me taking a long vacation!

I almost passed out during Loretta’s surgery. While we were gathered in the waiting room I had a cup of coffee and ate a honeybun cake. The caffeine and sugar combined, plus other things, about made me pass out. Thanks to my niece, Sue Hall, for wetting me a paper towel.

I also met a man named Ted Adams who is connected to a church that helps people get their lives straightened up from drugs and alcohol. I do believe that people can be helped, however I don’t think that everyone is sincere. I do believe churches can be used for people’s own needs.

I am turning a new leaf over in my life. I am going to try to take care of myself for once and let everyone fend for themselves. That is easier said than done for me, and it is probably wasted words.

I talked to Junior and Lorraine Kuracka (still Crockett to me). These are really two nice people to have for friends.

I talked to Betty Ison. She and Doyle are doing alright.

Gwen Huff Farmer and Shirley Wells, I will get my life back on track sometime so we can be online again! Belated happy birthday wishes to Shirley Wells Oct. 29.

Belated happy birthday wishes to my youngest daughter, Anna Nottingham, who was 35 on Nov. 3.

Also, happy birthday to Loretta’s granddaughter, April, who shares a birthday with Anna.

I want to say thanks for all the calls for relief for my aching legs. I will listen to the answering machine and mention the names later, and the remedies. Now does someone have a remedy for an aching heart?

I was so busy while back at Richie and Wanda’s I didn’t go stay in his camper. Why, I didn’t even get to see if Bruce Jones had some extra chicken and dumplings for Sunday dinner. Hello, Levine Jones, I hope all is well with you in Bristol, Tenn.

Thanks to Richie and Wanda for putting up with me, and thanks to my brother, Jerry, and Mattie Hall for putting up with Clayton.

I believe a good looking man on Ingrams Creek had a birthday the later part of October, not Rick Jones, nor my brother, Richie. I think this one’s name is Mark. Belated happy birthday, Mark.

Hello to Richie and Wanda’s grandchildren, J.T. and Kirstie. J.T. is such a quiet young teenager, now Kirstie makes up. I really love this little girl.

I received a phone call from Bobby Joe Pass who has a gospel radio station on the Internet on Saturday mornings. There was something wrong when I typed in the address for his radio station. It sure didn’t come up a religious site on my computer. It was nice talking to Bobby Joe.

Hello, Gladys Smith in North Carolina, and Emma Engle. Gladys, I would like to meet you too, though you wouldn’t really like me if you met me. I am not as crazy about animals as you are, no offense meant. So please, readers, don’t bombard Speak Your Piece with comments.

Once again the clock is catching up with me. Until next time. Rose Ballard Durham, 9110 Lawrenceburg Road, Harrison, Ohio, email Bluegrassmama4@aol.com, 513-367-4682.

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