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Sitting and thinking, let your mind wander

I have been at it again, thinking, I mean. Believe it or not, I do have the capacity to think once in awhile.

I just sit in a nice, comfortable chair and let my mind wander. Sometimes I let my mind wander through the ages, and sometimes I just sit and wonder what the future holds and what an awful environment our grandchildren are facing. And that is when I get depressed.

It seems as though the devil is standing on every street corner and at every crossroads, just waiting for young children to come along so he can plant the seeds of corruption in their minds.

Without help from God, those seeds will sprout and produce the very things the devil wants. Parents need to be aware of the many things the devil will put before our children, as well as adults, to tempt them.

He will paint a pretty picture of things and off er it to them if they will do his bidding, just as he tempted Eve. With success, I might add.

It is the duty of the parents to teach their little ones which way to go, and which road to take in life. Adults have already had their off ering from Satan, and far too many have accepted his offerings only to discover the torment awaiting them.

I realize many adults have accepted his offers simply because they are illiterate and see that as an easy way out of the mess they are in.

If the parents can’t teach or don’t want to teach their children right from wrong, then who’s going to?

Religion has been taken out of our school system, our public facilities, our courts, and anywhere else they could, but they can’t take religion out of the hearts of our people.

But the devil will try to by telling us that we are making a fool out of ourselves by listening to and obeying God’s holy Word.

Satan’s pleasures, such as drugs, alcohol, and many other evils, have all but taken over the world of mankind because mankind has allowed him to do it.

Religion is needed in our schools now more than it ever has been. It is little wonder that a lot of the youth of today steal, kill, and rob to get money for their habits. It’s because they are not taught right from wrong from their youth on up.

“Bring a child up the way you would have it to go, and it will not stray far from it” and will always remember what it was taught.

When a young person loses their life because of the devil’s pleasures, we may get to thinking about them and wonder what they could have been or what they could have done to make the world a better place to live. Depression then sits down on your shoulders like a mighty load you can’t carry by yourself.

I love children, but sometimes I see them and I pray to God to have pity on them because of the kind of environment they will have to endure while growing up — if they get the chance to grow up at all because of the devil’s delights.

That’s all from the funny farm until next time.

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