Whitesburg KY

SKCTC hosts math, science contest

The annual Walter Dick Math and Science Contest sponsored by Southeast Kentucky Community and Technical College was held recently on the Cumberland campus with high school students from Letcher and Harlan counties participating. Students took exams in eight areas, with the top three finishers in each category receiving special recognition.

Results from the event include:

Algebra – first place, Nick Cox, Harlan County High School; second place, Cody Gregory, Letcher County Central High School; third place, Zach Joseph, LCCHS.

Anatomy – first place, Sam Sergent, LCCHS; second place, Chase Colton, HCHS; third place, Amber Nolan, HCHS.

Biology – first place, Angus

Stewart, HCHS; second place, Isaac Gover, LCCHS; third place, Samantha Mullins, LCCHS.

Calculus – first place, Kasey Adams, LCCHS; second place, Savannah Reynolds, LCCHS; third place, Kaitlyn Collier, LCCHS.

Chemistry – first place, Kevin Collier, LCCHS; second place, Andi Fields, LCCHS; third place, Ashley Johnson.

Computer Science – first place, Josh Howard, HCHS; second place, Caleb Justen, HCHS; third place, Dylan Russell, HCHS.

Geometry/Trigonometry – first place, James Clem, HCHS; second place, Heath Bennett, HCHS; third place, Sara Clark, HCHS.

Physics – first place, Josh Madison, HCHS; second place, Mariah Mullins, LCCHS; third place, Cameron Brunty, LCCHS.

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