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SKCTC ranked in top 10%

The Aspen Institute College Excellence Program (AICEP) has ranked Southeast Kentucky Community and Technical College as one of the nation’s 120 best community colleges, challenging it to compete for prize funds by insisting on high standards for learning, college completion without delay and serving as a training ground for jobs that pay competitive wages.

AICEP Executive Director Josh Wyner said, “ We set the bar much higher than we have in the past. To achieve excellent student outcomes, we need to highlight our country’s success stories and learn from them so that we can keep reaching higher.

Recognizing community colleges like SKCTC sends a message to others that aspire to excellence, while encouraging SKCTC to apply for the nation’s top community college prize, says Wyner.

SKCTC and 119 other community colleges will be winnowed to eight to 10 finalists for $1 million in prize money in September based on how much students learn, how many complete their programs on time, and how well students do in the job market after graduating.

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