Whitesburg KY

Sledders have fun at Carr Creek Lake campground


I didn’t think we were really going to get all the snow that was forecast for our area, but it really did get here and the cold temperatures are keeping the snow on the ground. We had about eight inches of snow at our house and some had even more.

Bob and I took Hunter Banks, Noah Campbell and Colleen Goodson over to Carr Creek Lake to ride sleighs at the campground there. We all bundled up good and had fun.

We saw others riding down the hill at the Horse Mill Point Cemetery road. I think it was Carolyn Blair and some of her family.

There will be a spaghetti dinner held at Blair Branch Church to benefit Ty Andrew Colley. He is only four years old and is battling cancer. The family appreciates all the prayers and help that have been sent their way. The dinner will be from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. on Feb. 12.

Belated birthday wishes to Paul Morris, former Jeremiah resident now living in Florida. His birthday was Sunday I believe.

Don Pridemore, Keitzi “K.P.”, Amber and April Pridemore all have February birthdays in our family. Happy birthday to them all.

Hopefully Emory Caudill is doing better after his recent surgery.

Our sympathy to the family of Diana Ruth Adams Anderson, who died in Florida. She was the daughter of Curt and Doylene Adams of Letcher, and the wife of Jeffrey Anderson. Her son Jason had recently moved to Florida and she was helping him. Funeral services were held at Jeremiah Missionary Baptist Church.

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