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Sleeplessness leads to thoughts

Have any of you readers ever gone to bed at night all tuckered out (worn out), expecting to fall asleep right away only to find that sleep is off wandering in space somewhere?

When this happens to me I start thinking of things I have seen or heard far into the past. When I get into this mode I had just as well get up and make me some coffee because sleep will be a long time coming.

Sometimes this happens to me simply because I have gotten all wound up over some trivial matter or perhaps I saw something during the day which upset me, or I might have heard something that was not to my liking.

I often find myself letting my mind wander back into my childhood, which was not a very happy one at best. Then I get to thinking about my old school chums and wonder whatever happened to them.

Did they make it through all the pleasures of the devil without accepting his off ers of earthy riches that didn’t exist to begin with? Did they get a good education and not do as I did, so as to be able to earn a decent living for themselves and their family, if they have a family?

I started into college at age 50, but I did finish and got my degree.

How many fell by the wayside? I know what happened to some of them, which isn’t very pretty. But there are many others I haven’t heard anything about since we got out of grade school.

Then I start wondering how many lost their lives in one of our senseless wars or conflicts, or whatever your want to call them. Those who died in combat are the ones who disturb me quite a bit because many of them didn’t have a choice in the matter because they were drafted and were obligated to comply.

But even though we have an all-volunteer system now, our soldiers are still getting slaughtered every day and many of them can’t begin to understand why they are there, far from home and family. Try as they might, they can’t understand why.

We didn’t win the Vietnam War and we won’t win the one we are in right now either, because these people have been at it for centuries and don’t intend to stop anytime soon. Once again we are caught in the middle without anywhere to go and still preserve our honor and dignity.

I would venture to say that many of our soldiers simply lost the will to live and didn’t care if they made it back to the U.S.A. or not because their family deserted them shortly after they went over there. My, how quickly some people forget.

A good many people don’t like my opinion on a lot of things, but I still have a right to express my opinion on whatever I like, and I am not trying to win a popularity contest.

So here is my opinion on those who desert their family because they had to go over in a foreign country in obedience to the call. If I had done this, henceforth if I went out into the public, in the case of a woman, I would hide my shame by wearing a burqa, and that’s all from the funny farm until next time.

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