Whitesburg KY

Slones vacation on the beach in North Carolina

Our weather sure has become hot and muggy for the last week or so, and has caused some thunderstorms to roll through.

Ila Adams’s brother, Dean Whitaker, and his wife Susan of Delaware, recently visited with Ellis and Ila. They enjoyed having them for a few days.

Recently, Blair Branch lost another neighbor when Donnie Seals died. He had been very sick for awhile, and in and out of the hospital. Our sympathy goes out to Thelma, the children, and the rest of the family.

His services were held at the Blair Branch Church, and many came out to show their support to the family.

Judy Lynn and Dock Adams recently went to Indiana to visit with Aaron and Edith Ison.

A few weeks ago, Arnetta Mae Slone and most of her family took a vacation on the beach in North Carolina.

We hope Courtney Adams is feeling better. He recently spent some time in the hospital, as did Mary Ellen Blair. The doctors think she has had a stroke.

Arizona Adams and Evangene recently had a lot of family visiting with them.

This past Sunday was the memorial meeting at the Spring Branch Cemetery and a small group attended this year. Some may have forgotten about the service. Two ladies who were always faithful to attend were Ruby Ashley and Trish Slone, and we missed them. They both had kinfolk laid to rest in the cemetery, and now they, too, have been called by death.

I left the meeting early and went with Don and Coreen Pridemore as they took Bill and Elva Pridemore Marshall on a ride to the top of Blair Branch. Dad took us up to the cell tower, because that’s where Elva used to walk to the top of the hill when they were young. They grew up on Walters Branch and if you went up on the hill from the old homeplace, you would be on top of Blair Branch. Bill and Elva enjoyed the view on top of the hill.

Saturday was the Pridemore reunion in Knott County, and most of the Hiram and Ella Caudill Pridemore children were there. Only Ford and Lenville weren’t able to make it in. Janie Pridemore Caudill and her family do a lot of cooking and work for the reunion. We had a good dinner and enjoyed the day.

Bill and Elva and Darrell and Vicki Pridemore all stayed at Dad and Mom’s house at Sycamore and liked it so well they plan on staying later this fall. The train only woke them up once.

Myrtle Blair of Doty Creek died last week, and a large crowd of family, friends and neighbors attended her funeral service and visitation. She lived a long life and was active until the last few years. Her family has our thoughts and prayers during their sorrow.

Ollie James Back also died last week, and a lot of family and friends came in for his funeral. He was a former teacher, a World War II veteran, and a prisoner of war, and was well known and loved by many. Gaynell, John and James Gary, and all the family have our sympathy.

This weekend will be the Blair Branch Church memorial for the deceased members. On Sunday, their names will be read before services and afterward we will have dinner. All are welcome to attend.

Benji and Danna Smith’s daughter, Beth, and her husband have been on a cruise to the Bahamas. I think some of the family also went.

Bob Adams of Isom has been very sick and is now a patient at Letcher Manor. Most remember him from when he worked at the fruit market below Otis Adams’s home. Jr. Adams and Bob had a business there for years before it closed a few years back.

Richard and Libby Smith spent last weekend visiting the Kentucky Horse Park.

School is out, and I hope all the kids can have a good summer, and the teachers, too. Jeff, Beverly and Jack Adams went to spend the weekend at the Bluegrass Festival in Clinch Mountain, Va. I think it was the Ralph Stanley Festival.

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