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Small fender bender turns into big trouble

Southern Ohio

Merry Christmas everyone!

Once again I think we are having weather shipped in from Alaska! I wonder if Dean and Nina Cornett ordered it? As I turn the television on of the morning, the first thing I hear is complaining about how cold! Duh! It is winter! All I heard the short summer months was how hot it was!

I will be complaining as I have to get propane gas in a few weeks, and there goes about $900. I am glad I don’t smoke nor drink as I couldn’t afford it.

It does seem as if I went to bed and woke to Christmas once again except a year later! Why, it just seems such a short time ago it was Christmas.

The village of Addyston has once again come alive with all the beautiful decorations. The large bells that are placed along Highway 50 and along the streets were turned on the night before Thanksgiving. I always look forward to seeing this each year. In fact, Addyston is always pretty this time of year as almost every house has some kind of decoration.

I really do hope and pray that this year will be better as last Christmas my son Keith Ballard was in the hospital in a coma, and we didn’t know if he was going to be alright or not! I thank God every day that he is back to his normal self.

My life is in such a turmoil at the present time. What started out to be a small fender bender by being struck by a deer has turned into my car being totaled. Since it is an older car, it’s too much to repair it, and the body shop is having trouble finding parts!

No off ense to Lil Ison’s family, but I sure wish there were people like he used to be. I can remember as a child hearing of people heading up Kingscreek to ‘Chicken Lil’s’ to buy a part they couldn’t find anywhere else.

This means a car payment for me. Yes, my car is old and has lots of miles, but Keith has kept it in good running condition, and my tires are only a year old. It just felt good not to have to make car payments. Oh well, as I said it could have been so much worse had I hit the four or five deer that crossed in front of me. Not feet but inches.

Now my brakes are down in the van, and at the present time I am driving a rental car, but that will end in a couple of days. You have heard enough of my troubles!

My brother Richie Hall is still having problems with his heart as he tries to move around too much. My sweet sister-in-law Wanda Hall has already gotten her tree up and everything is decorated. I wonder if Santa has left me a little present under the tree. A new car for example!

I haven’t talked to my brother Jerry and Mattie Hall in some time. I am just getting over pneumonia and haven’t been able to talk that well. As some might say, “Oh what a relief!”

Gwen Huff Farmer has been enjoying having a couple of her sons and their friends and family in for deer hunting. I think they all have got their quota, if not they can come my way!

Shirley Wells and her gang are all doing well. Shirley is going to forget how to cook as she is going out to eat so much.

Ann and Johnny Calihan and their family are doing well so far.

I can’t neglect my two special friends, Frick and Frack Ison. I guess they are trying to be good boys so Santa will come to see them.

Janey Calihan Whitaker and her sister Lesa Turner send their love to their mom, Genita Calihan, and to their uncle and aunt, Johnny and Ann Calihan.

Coolie Jr. Calihan, I hope to see you and Donna at the Coon Hunters Club some Friday night.

I missed last Friday as I stayed with my little sidekick Bennie Wiederhold. I will tell you one thing, it will be in my own home, as Bennie told me to go home so he could come with me. He wanted to go to K-Mart then come and play ball in the kitchen.

I put the commode lid down and was told by Bennie not to touch the commode, it was his mommy’s. Bennie is used to being here at the house with me.

My daughter Anna Nottingham is still having trouble, so keep her and the baby both in your prayers.

I did find time to talk to Betty Ison for a little while. Betty and Doyle enjoyed Thanksgiving with their son and his family. It looks like I will have to plan an ice skating date on their deck since I let spring and summer slip away without going there.

Lavonne Brooks (my future mother-in-law) is on the mend from her foot surgery. Hello to Ben and his grandmother Thelma Halcomb Brooks. Clarence and Arlyn Halcomb, I hope all is well with you two.

Hello to the Taylor, Mich., sisters, Sadie, Evelyn and Bertha. Thanks, Sadie, for the beautiful Thanksgiving card. I am glad you are feeling a little better.

Well, once again time is creeping up on me and I need to get this on its way. I am sure I will think of something I wanted to say later, so until next time.

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