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Small grocery stores are appreciated

Hello everyone! Hope all had a good week and am sure pleased with this nice weather, but I think the last snowfall was a tip of the iceberg with more bad weather to come. Just watch out.

I had the same problem last week that I had last year, broken water line and ran out of gas. Thanks to Ed Wolfe for repairing my line, and Mike’s Bottled Gas for getting to me so quickly this year.

Maybe I should go to a cave and hibernate with a bear until spring, and if I wake up before he does I will escape — if not, oh well, a good meal for the bear.

Sorry for the mistake in the newspaper two weeks ago. I stated that Carol Ison was Faye Fields’s sister instead of sister-in-law.

Prayers for the Pendleton family on the loss of Doug this past week from double lung cancer. He was at Cowan Chapel. I stopped by late Friday night to pay my respects. He was a good man.

I want to pay tribute this week to Irene and Eugene Day and Margaret and Hager Trent for keeping the little family grocery store alive for all these years. My grandparents, Emily and Mart Fields owned it, and my grandpa was a notary public.

It was also operated by my uncle Ray and Loreva Fields, and they moved to Indiana then my aunt and uncle Irene and Eugene Day ran it in the ‘50s.

Big Cowan

When I was in grade school I loved going over there on a daily basis to meet and greet — especially boys. At that time there was a store at every turn, Harold Day at Whitco, Charles Gilley at Little Cowan, Irene and Eugene Day on Cowan, and Coleman Day’s, then Kingscreek and Linefork. But all seem to have folded over the years due to hard times, except for the one here on Cowan that Hager Trent now runs. Even though hard times have hit because of coalmines shutting down, it is still up and running.

Oh, how I love that Cowan bologna. Hope it stays in business for a few more years.

He rents the building from Irene and Eugene Day and is still family-run. Thanks to all of you for your drive and for not giving up. It’s a little mom and pop store, but where could you go to hang out and catch up on gossip, get a cold Pepsi and something to eat? Hang in there.

You are appreciated and even with all the headaches and stress and times of wanting to give up, you all held on with all your might. Thanks again.

I had a cousin who died last week in South Carolina. Her name was Carey, and she was a granddaughter of my late aunt, Mary Ellen Fields Blanken. My sympathy to her family.

The first meeting of the year for the Cowan Theater Project was canceled because of the snow, and rescheduled for Jan. 30. They had a few to turn out. I had to miss due to having three teeth pulled at the dental clinic at Jenkins. I heard Darrell Holbrook fixed biscuits and gravy. Sorry I missed, but sure it was good.

Thanks to God’s Love from a Diaper Bag at Jenkins for sponsoring the free dental clinic for all of us who do not have dental insurance, and thanks to Dr. Sheldon Ballou from Cave City for donating his time and the work he does.

They will be back in May. They had 22 patients on Friday, and not sure how many on Saturday, but it took less than an hour from start to finish. I recommend that if you need dental care and do not have insurance, listen for an announcement on the radio. It’s usually a two-day event.

I sure do miss Facebook. It’s been almost a month or more. I miss all the news, death announcements and new births and talking to my friends. Pray I can get my cellphone turned back on soon.

Well, my dogs had the prettiest seven puppies, which will be going to new homes in about six weeks so I’m trying not to get attached. Still have the other dogs to find homes for. Please call if you are interested and leave a message and I will get back with you. Call 633-0439.

Hope everyone has a great week. May God bless until next time.

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