Whitesburg KY

Small turnout for Letcher Co. picnic

Southern Ohio

Howdy folks!

Come on let’s sit a spell and enjoy these beautiful colors that are popping out all over.

It seems my thoughts have been returning to the mountains more and more as the trees have changed so suddenly. Mom would make coffee, and then I have seen her pour some from her cup and sup it or ‘saucer it,’ instead of saying sip. I don’t remember Dad nor Mom ever using cream or sugar in their coffee.

How many like apple cider? I was in the grocery store and a gallon somehow fell in my cart. This is the first I’ve purchased in a couple of years. I like to heat it and put a cinnamon stick in it.

I’ve had two small papaws get ripe from lying in my window. Oh I wish I had a dozen of these. I know some people who have several trees, and you couldn’t beg or borrow or buy one as they freeze the pulp for winter.

The Letcher County picnic is just a memory once again. This was the smallest crowd we’ve had, but as usual there was plenty of food and good companionship.

This was an absolute picture perfect day. This year I couldn’t reserve the shelter as it was first come, first served. I went over a little before seven and put a sign up. I wasn’t feeling very well so I took a chance that no one would tear it down.

I picked up cans, plastic bottles and cigarette packs, the decided to wait a little later to sweep. When I went back over, Johnny Calihan had been there and swept the shelter.

Johnny came while I was there and we sat on the bench watching some hawks or some kind of huge birds as they sat on a fence and building. When they decided to fly it was so beautiful to watch them soar higher and higher, finally getting lost in the clouds.

Those who attended were Hayward Day and his beautiful daughter Kim, who looks just like her mother; Bill Ison, Doyle and Betty Ison; Wayne and Lettie Blair; Johnny Calihan and his son Dale Calihan; and myself.

I have always said if you put four or five people from the mountains together you would have enough food to feed an Army.

This is the first time that Polly Maucher has ever missed.

It seems there were lots of other things going on, and several who usually come every year couldn’t make it.

Johnny and Ann Calihan’s granddaughter Ashley was having a bridal shower so Ann couldn’t come.

Berma Matthews and her brother Olan Whitaker couldn’t make it, though they very seldom ever miss.

Les and Pat Wagner probably slipped back to the mountains again.

Larry Hasty is still having problems with his hip. This guy has been through the wringers. Hello to Larry, Becky, Polly and Kelly.

We missed everyone.

Betty Ison must have been reading my mind as she brought a delicious pasta salad and an orange salad that was wonderful.

I really missed Glenora Eldridge, and of course having Gary Eldridge entertain the crowd. Evidently economy is bad in Florida too as the job Gary had in Florida sure didn’t last long.

Gary has discovered several beaches in Florida that fit his clothes or loss of them, and Gary is still active in fishing. He is enjoying going out to eat and still managing to lose weight as he is very active in his exercise program.

Richard Caudill hasn’t been writing very much as he has been enjoying riding the four-wheeler while the weather is nice. I hope it is possible that I can go to Blackey Days as I really am looking forward to meeting Ricky.

Ricky’s sister Marcia sounds like such a wonderful person also.

My sister-in-law Wanda Hall enjoyed a couple days at Poppy Mountain Bluegrass Festival. I’m sure everyone had a good time.

Well, I am running late as usual.

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