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Smell of Grandma’s pickled corn is well remembered

Southern Ohio

Kate Nottingham, a senior at Beechwood High, is performing her first leader of the band. Katie is the daughter of Scott and Anna Nottingham, granddaughter of Rose Ballard.

Kate Nottingham, a senior at Beechwood High, is performing her first leader of the band. Katie is the daughter of Scott and Anna Nottingham, granddaughter of Rose Ballard.

Hello again everyone. I bet there are lots of people who are so busy at this time of year that you are meeting yourself coming and going as you are getting garden produce ready for the cold winter months that are sneaking up on everyone, even though it is really hot at the present time.

Oh what I wouldn’t give to have a few jars of Mommy’s pickled corn, or even just a taste.

Grandma Rosa Hall’s crock of pickled corn was even better, as Grandma pickled her corn in a huge crock, then placed a white rag over top. You could smell it fermenting all through the house.

I will say one thing. When you put your little hands in the liquid to get an ear of corn, which I did, if you had the least tiny scratch on your hand, you knew it, as the salt would set you on fire.

I know I have mentioned this before. In that same crock, Grandma would make something she called home brew, oh the sweet aroma. It was a murky brown color, and had a sweet taste. Now Granny wouldn’t give me much, however she would give me at taste. Over the years I would give anything just for the taste or recipe of how Grandma made this.

There have been a few that have said they know how to make home brew. No they don’t, not l like Grandma did.

I hope I can make it back to Golden Apple Produce to get a few beans to make a couple messes of shucky beans before it is too late.

In case I miss out, maybe Marcia Caudill will be kind enough to share a bag or two around Thanksgiving or Christmas so I can fix some for Ann Calihan.

I hope you are staying cool and dry wherever you are. We are in dire need of rain in this area, as other states are getting flash flooding, which is bringing so much death and destruction.

Last week with the flooding through Nashville, and Waverly, Tenn., brought some anxious time for me, as my daughter Kay and her husband Clarence Gray along with a few of their friends planned a trip to Nashville for a few days of relaxation.

Kay stays at an elite place, Hermitage Hotel in Nashville. For what it costs per night, I could take a long vacation.

I have never known or wanted the finer things of life. Not my cup of tea.

Of course I will never own $150,000 car either .My little Honda Fit is good enough for me.

There are times I think about going off this thing called Facebook on the computer, and cut all ties with the media. There’s nothing but aggravation sometimes.The television is about to be silenced too, as I enjoy the silence when I am at Cavalry Campus. Yet when I am home I feel like I have to turn the blasted television on, just for the noise.

When I would visit Hayward Day, he got me hooked on something called You- Tube on his TV, a channel I can’t get. It has bluegrass music. Oh how I wish I had taken the time to visit Hayward more often than I did.

The next part of my column is sad news so get your tissues handy.

Three weeks ago just before I went to Osborne Bros. festival, Ann Calihan informed me that she had mentioned to Hayward Day that I had been bringing her sugarsnap peas from Golden Apple when I was in the mountains.

I decided to try to find some here locally. So help me, when I went to our local Kroger’s I found the last bag of the season, cooked them and took them to Hayward, along with leftover sauerkraut and wieners, which he thoroughly enjoyed. Actually he got two meals from the food.

In my rush to take the peas, I left a couple of things that were more important than the peas, so when things settled down, Vickie Power and I dropped the papers off.

I had decided to take an unexpected trip to the mountains so I didn’t want to wait until I got back. Monday afternoon Vickie Power and I decided to visit Hayward.

Hayward had an appointment on Tuesday for a CT scan. as he had pneumonia. Vickie and I stayed for a little while. Hayward always walked outside with me, as he would tell me to turn my car around in the yard, which I wouldn’t listen to as I didn’t want to get on the grass.

He sat down in a chair as he was on oxygen, and I rolled my window down, laughing, saying I told you I can turn it on a dime. He laughed and said be careful, that was the last time I will ever be to enjoy his company.

Thursday I made the trip to the Campus. When I finally got reception, I called Ann Calihan to tell her I made the trip alright, then called Hayward to see what the results of his test. There was no answer, and he didn’t return my call. I knew something was wrong.

Friday morning, he called me and turned my world upside down as the results were lethal. He was diagnosed with stage four cancer of the lungs. He was in the hospital with no visitors except his two sons, then he was moved to a nursing home here locally for a few days. The same no visiting due to this virus.

Evidently the treatment they did, couldn’t help. Hayward was placed in Hospice and was gone the next day.

I am thankful I did get to see him to say goodbye. I only regret I didn’t get cards to him, as I had purchased and planned to mail them.

My heart is broken, and I send my since sympathy to Tim, his twin sister Kim “Sis”, and Terry, and the entire family that I love so much.

For several years Hayward always made sure that I had pawpaws to share with Ann Calihan, as Hayward had two pawpaw trees in the back of the house that his sons had planted a long time ago.

I am just thankful I had the utmost pleasure to have Hayward and Vivian Day, and especially Kim about whom I would always tease Hayward, saying she looked like her beautiful mother, in my life for so many years.

My ex-husband Clayton Durham made a remark that everyone from the mountains were a clique, being smartmouths.

Now Tim Day says he always said a clan, and replied oh, yes and I am the ringleader.

My sympathy goes out to the family of Denny Amburgey of Roxana. Denny had the store in Roxana for many years, and I really hoped his health would improve so he could open it again

I read the news of Denny Amburgey taking his final voyage, I am sorry to say I really didn’t know Denny that well. The times I did stop at Amburgey’s store, Denny was always so nice to talk to.

Of course I remember Manuel and Laura Amburgey from childhood days going to Mill Branch School.

I remember all the names of the family, however I recall Neweral and Sally Faye Amburgey Hampton more than the rest.

I remember Sally’s husband Charles Hampton from a child also.

Yes I guess I am a member of a clan, as I love the mountain folks to this day. At least most, there are two or three that treated me badly, and, no, I haven’t forgotten that either. That is when the other side of me came out, and some hair got pulled and it wasn’t mine.

Johnny and Ann Calihan are still in need of your prayers as they are having some health issues. This family has gone through so much it is unbelievable.

Sunday evening, after a very stressful day, I took a couple of hours to go to Indian Creek Church, to sit in the church yard, to listen to Warren and Judy Waldron and a couple more musicians play wonderful music.

As I looked at the sky, felt the warmth, and just enjoyed my surroundings, I silently thought of all the people who aren’t able to get out and about and thanked God for his blessings .

Hello Mike and Marcia Caudill. I hope to see you before long Please be careful and hug Mike’s mom for me when you visit her again.

Hello Buddy and Bernice Grubb. I hope Buddy is improving. Hello Mike. Have you read any good books lately?

Les and Pat Wagner, I bet your garden produced a lot of good vegetables.

Hello to my niece Sue Hall who is still recovering from her serious burns to her legs and foot. Now Billy Collier had an accident and almost lost his foot. I couldn’t believe someone was cruel enough to say it was too far from his heart to kill him. I guess the old saying takes all kinds of people to make the world is right.

Beechwood High Marching Band held its first event. I was too exhausted to attend. Katie did a wonderful job as I knew she would

Labor Day week is once again here, so please be careful.

Until next time.

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