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Smith reunion coming up


This little snap of blackberry winter has put most of us back to shivering, especially the 40-degree mornings, but it should be back warmer by the time this comes out.

Also, Election Day will be passed. Hope all made it out to vote for their candidates and the kids had a good day getting to have no school.

Coreen Pridemore and I went up to the head of Dee Smith ‘Holler’ – Dew Branch to help Mary Jo and Anna Lou Blair, Tommy Harris Smith and Burnett Caudill clean up the picnic shed and area.

Their Smith reunion is coming up and they will have their annual soup bean dinner and get- together there on Friday evening. Then Saturday evening it will be dinner at the Stuart Robinson Dining Hall.

While Anna Lou was up from Lexington, she and Tommy had birthday cake and ice cream for Mary Jo last Thursday with a few family and friends there to help her celebrate.

That day was also Floyd Pinyerd’s birthday.

Tim Back celebrated his birthday on the 19th. His mother, Mattie Lou Back, has had back surgery in Lexington and is back home now and reports are that she is doing better.

Alma Rose Blair was about to be out to Blair Branch Church this weekend, the first time since she fell and broke her leg back in the winter. I know she has missed being able to help out with her mom, Mattie Lou.

Our crowd seemed to be down a little this weekend at the Blair Branch Church, but we had a good weekend and enjoyed being able to worship and visit together.

Next month will be our memorial for deceased members.

Cindy Arnold Blair joined the Saving Grace Community Church and was baptized in the river at Blackey on Sunday. The photos I saw looked like it was a lovely baptism and later dinner was served at the Blackey Community Center.

Last Tuesday our Homemakers Club met and we had a visitor from the Jett Tour Bus Company telling about upcoming trips, had cookies and drinks (lemonade, tea and coffee), and discussed the upcoming county Homemakers meeting next week.

We sang “Happy Birthday” to Betty Hatton, Stella Elam and Mary Jo Blair, who had May birthdays.

Ila Adams, Terry Caudill and Bonnie Asher have all been in the hospital lately. Hope all are feeling better.

The Blackey spring bazaar was held last Saturday and the booths that were set up looked very nice. Not a huge turnout due to so many other local events going on, but everyone enjoyed the day.

Artie Shepherd would like everyone to know that she is collecting donations for upkeep of the Dixon Cemetery on Elk Creek and the Caudill Cemetery at Red Star. Send your donations to: Artie Shepherd, 11298 HWY 7 S, Blackey, KY 41804. All help is appreciated.

The soup bean dinner and open house at Foolish Pleasures, Yesterday’s Treasures, went really well with lots of neighbor and friends attending.

Richard and Libby Smith and their friend from ‘Hooten Holler’ cowboy town, fixed all the food and had all the tents and campers set up in the store parking lot and field.

They had various wares being sold and many enjoyed the beans and fried ‘taters cooked over an open fire in the cast iron kettles, and also the conversations on cooking, old-time ways, and days gone by.

I forgot to mention awhile back that Betty Bryant Kelly and her husband, of Ohio, were here visiting family and friends. They stayed about two weeks and really enjoyed their Kentucky time.

Betty visited her brother Paul at the Veterans Nursing Home at Hazard while here, as well as her many sisters.

Have a nice Memorial Day and remember to thank God for the soldiers, men and women, who fought and died to keep our country safe and free.

The veterans who shoot over the graves will be at Horse Mill Point Cemetery at 11: 40 a. m., Whitaker Cemetery at 12:40 p.m., and Burton Hill Cemetery at 12:55 p.m.

The memorial meeting at the cemeteries above Dixon Memorial Church will be held at 9 a.m. on the upper graveyard this Sunday, and then move to the lower graveyard.

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