Whitesburg KY

Smiths celebrating 55th anniversary


The few days’ break from the winter weather was very nice. It felt good to be able to get outside and work a little or go for a walk between rain showers.

A large crowd of family and friends came out to the Blair Branch Church to wish Dock Adams a happy birthday. His daughters Brenda and Judy Lynn worked hard to make it a special day and the family appreciates all the love and well wishes sent Dock’s way.

We were glad to hear that Billie Lois Baker is doing a little better and also that Frances Whitaker is improving some.

Lee Pridemore also had a birthday on Jan. 23. He and Wilma and some of the grandchildren went to Pine Mountain Grill that day.

Roy Kenon and Billie Jean Smith will celebrate their 55th anniversary this week.

Don, Coreen Pridemore and I took advantage of last week’s warmer weather and went to Somerset to visit Juanita and Vince McCarey and to look for bargains at Monticello. We enjoyed the day out.

Hopefully Lucy Blair and Ila Adams of Blair Branch are feeling better. Ila has been having mini strokes lately, that’s Arlies’s Ila, not Ellis’s.

It was good to see Sylvania Whitaker able to be at her home church, Dixon Memorial, this past Sunday.

We pray that Rodney Ison’s recent diagnosis is something that the doctors can help. Rodney’s a good friend to everyone and well loved by us all.

Bill Gibson of Isom lived to be 106 years old, but died a few days after his birthday. I doubt I’ll ever know another person who lives to be that old. His health had declined the last few weeks and he had been in Hazard Hospital. His funeral was held Monday at his home church, Blair Branch Regular Baptist.

We hope Donnie Seals, Thelma’s husband, is feeling better. He has been sick for a couple weeks now.

Also, Esteva Blair of Blair Branch hasn’t been feeling well and Ruth Whitaker of Adams Branch has been in the hospital.

That’s it for now. I’m always writing in a hurry before the deadline, so I’ll end this up.

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