Whitesburg KY

Smiths mark their 58th anniversary


Hope everyone is doing well and has a happy Thanksgiving. So many are expecting out of town family to visit and may their journeys be safe.

Belated anniversary wishes to Homer and Ruth Smith. I think it was their 58th. I hope I’m right on that.

Rodney and Geraldine Ison have been under the weather. If they’re not at Blair Branch Church, we know they’re really sick.

Blair Branch Church was happy to have Bill and Joyce Adams bring their membership to our church. They are a well-loved couple. I know the dissolution of Little Ruby Church hurt them, but we hope they’ll be happy with us.

Saturday, Nov. 30 is Small Business Saturday, and we have plenty of family owned businesses down Highway 7 South, from Isom to Blackey. If you’re looking for anything from clothing to pets, antiques, car repair, furniture and even gas and groceries, you can start at John B. Adams Store and go to Wayne Caudill’s Gas Station. And between those two you can find a lot of different shops and most anything you can think of.

We all appreciate our customers.

The Dee and Ethel Smith family got together at Pine Mountain Grill for dinner to celebrate Tommy Harris’s birthday and just to be together before the holidays.

Ila and Tammy Adams attended the Homemakers’

Thanksgiving dinner. Emma Amburgey took them as her guest.

Glad to hear that Gary and Teresa Hylton are moving back to Letcher County. They have lived at Lancaster for quite a few years.

That’s it. I’m running late as usual, except to send get well wishes to Den Arthur Adams of Ohio. He is having health problems.

He is a good fellow who never forgot about his upbringing and childhood on Blair Branch and delights in their annual get-togethers and memorials.

We hope he is feeling better by the time this week’s newspaper comes out.

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