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Snake may be given a name


Hello everyone – I hope you are having a good start to September. The temperatures for the holiday weekend were fantastic. I didn’t even mind the rain on Friday. I am glad the temperatures are going to go on an upward trend. We’re still in summer and to me that means warm weather.

One day last week Mike and I were leaving the house and we were both standing at the door to go out. I usually go first as he locks the door behind us. I took a step out, squealed and jumped back in the house. Mike didn’t know what was going on so he jumped back in also.

There was a big black snake on the ground, but his head was on the bottom step. We came back out to the porch and looked at the snake. The snake’s tongue was flickering out and in, plus he seemed to be staring at me.

Mike got the hoe to encourage it to move as we didn’t want to kill it. As Mike started down the steps, the snake moved. I couldn’t see the body of the snake but Mike said when it stretched out it was approximately four to five feet long. I’m so glad I didn’t see that. The snake went through a crack under the porch and Mike saw it go under the house.

This is the third time I’ve seen a black snake this year around the house so it’s probably the same one. I will admit that now I look for that snake every time I open the door. I’m thinking about naming the snake since it hangs out here.

My cousin Stella Barnett of Eckerty, Ind., retired at the end of August. She had been working for Peebles clothing store. I know she was ready to retire.

Several cousins and I are doing a weight loss challenge. Everyone is doing great except for me as my numbers keep going the wrong way. We are trying to do this for six months. The last weigh-in will be the end of November.

I left a birthday off the September list. Bruce Preston of Florence had a birthday on September 2. I hope he had a good one. Bruce used to live on Little Cowan and was graduated from Whitesburg High School.

Happy birthday wishes to our oldest son, Greg. His birthday is on September 10.

Happy birthday wishes to our great-niece Addison Silver. Her birthday is on September 10.

John Campbell went to Berea one day to visit his daughter and her family. They all ate outside at Cracker Barrel. Those eating were John, Janis Marr, Mike Marr, Anna Bledsoe, Myles Marr, Addison Marr, and Tucker Marr. They had a good visit.

While John was gone, Lady and Buddy spent time with us on the porch. Those two dogs are fantastic. When they come down here they think they are invited in and they expect a treat. If I’m out of dog biscuits, they will go to the refrigerator and look at me. They’ll take cheese if the dog biscuits are out. They do entertain us.

Our son Mark of Monroe, Ohio, came in for the weekend. He came with two friends, Steve Richardson of Cincinnati, Ohio, and Brennan McClorey of Cincinnati, Ohio. They rode their motorcycles down. They did get rained on at Hazard but most of the rain waited until after they arrived. On Saturday the three of them took off on their motorcycles for an all day trip. They started by going to Cumberland and crossing Black Mountain. From there I’m not certain where they went but they rode the ‘Dragon Slayer’ and ‘The Snake’. They were in Virginia and Tennessee. Mark said they drove 312 miles that day. They were tired when they got back to our house. On Sunday, they all rode back home. I think they were going to take a couple side trips on their way home. They had a good time on their trip.

Mark, Steve, Brennan, Mike and I ate at Sazon on Friday night. It was a good meal with good company. We did visit John afterwards. Sitting on the porch and talking makes for a relaxing evening.

Laura Harris of Lexington came in for the weekend. She visited her parents, Bob and Ramona Caudill of Little Cowan.

Joe Stamper and Neil Stamper of Lexington came in for the weekend. They were working on their family place on Little Cowan. It was great seeing them and spending some time together. It had been a long time since I had seen Neil.

Susan Ware of Lexington went to Amelia, Ohio, and spent the weekend with her daughter and son-in-law, Jaimie and Skylar Mefford. They had a good time together.

Spencer Stevenson, a senior at Bexley High School in Bexley, Ohio, was recognized for his service as a volunteer. He has volunteered for two years with New Life Community Outreach Center in Columbus, Ohio. This is a non-profit ministry. Spencer works in the clothing room, the kitchen, and he has developed relationships with those seeking resources. Spencer plans to join the Air Force after high school and continue a life of service in the military. Spencer’s parents are Shaun and Renee Stevenson of Bexley, Ohio. His grandmother is Verna Rayburn of Liberty and his grandfather was the late Chester Rayburn.

Spencer makes everyone who knows him very proud.

I still get news messages from Riverton, Wyoming, where we used to live. The county is expecting up to eight inches of snow by Wednesday. Social media friends had posted they were swimming in the lake on Sunday and were expecting snow on Tuesday. The weather in Wyoming is always changing.

I went to the doctor this past week and had to make another appointment for three months. When I got the appointment slip it said December on it. It’s hard to believe that in three months it’ll be December. Time is going slow and fast this year.

September always makes you think summer is over but we still have a couple more weeks of summer left.

This week’s quote is from social media and attributed to B. B. King. “The beautiful thing about learning is nobody can take it away from you.”

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Have a wonderful week and stay safe.

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