Whitesburg KY

Snow came with a fury

Hello, everyone. I hope each of you is doing well. Thankfully, Michael, the boys and I are great at the moment.

Did you have a blessed Christmas and happy New Year? We sure did. The kids absolutely loved every minute of it. I don’t think they could pick a favorite moment if they were asked to.

After months of hard work and anticipation, I was finally able to give my dad the vintage inspired denim and flannel tacked quilt that I made for him. I think he liked it, at least I hope he did.

The only thing the kids complained about during the holidays was that there wasn’t snow for them to play in.

So, as you can guess, they were ecstatic on Jan. 2, when we got our first real snowfall. We didn’t get over an inch, but my sister had over 6 inches at her home on Cowan and one of my former grade school teachers had 8 inches at her home near Blackey. Even though we didn’t get much in the way of accumulation here at our house, what we did get came down with a fury. Blair Branch

Michael and I knew it was supposed to snow and we needed to make sure the dogs, goats, and chickens were all fed, warm, and protected from the weather. So we headed out on a mission impossible because not 5 minutes after we walked out the door Mother Nature went crazy on us. The wind was whipping every which way and snow was coming down so fast that we couldn’t see 10 feet in front of us.

We managed to finish everything we needed to do, and we did it as fast as possible, but the temperature dropped so much so quickly that I was almost an ice block by the time I got into the house. I was never so thankful for a warm home.

God has ways of humbling us. We need to thank Him every day for all the things we take for granted.

Mom and Dad, Allen and Sylvania Whitaker, attended church services at Kingdom Come, Jan. 8. We went to their house after church for our usual Sunday family get-together. Mom wasn’t feeling well. She said she had felt weak throughout church services and had been up almost all night the night before.

Dad and I helped her to get dinner together. He and I could have managed it alone, but you can’t get Mom to sit down and let you do anything for her. She always wants to be the one doing for you. A wonderful quality to have, by the way.

We had a tasty country dinner. Afterward, I quickly cleaned up all the mess so that I could bring the boys home. I knew Mom needed to lie down and rest. She looked like she was about to fall over.

I told her several times to go ahead and go lie down while I was cleaning up the kitchen, but I knew she wouldn’t even think of it until we were gone. Even though she was feeling so bad, she still didn’t want us to leave. I told her she needs to go to the doctor after dialysis.

Dad saw his foot doctor earlier in the week as he has had a sore spot on his foot for a while now, and they suggested that he have surgery to remove the spot. It isn’t a wart, but I can’t remember for the life of me what it is called. He is hesitant to have the surgery as he doesn’t want to be off of his foot for 3 weeks afterward, but I think he has finally come around and is going to let them set up an appointment.

Mary Helen Blair, Mom’s good friend, has been sick again and is at Letcher Manor Nursing Home for therapy. She and Dad had gone Friday, I believe it was, to check on Mary Helen. She was doing a lot better that day than the day before, according to her son.

Dad, along with Opal and David Jent, visited Letcher Manor Nursing Home on Sunday to have church services. Opal says that Mary Helen wasn’t feeling well enough to go to church, but was in good spirits. Minnie Blair had come to the services and is doing fair.

My aunts, Edna Helton and Mattie Adams, had both called Mom this week. Mattie is doing well and Edna was doing some better with her breathing. Mom is always so happy to hear from them.

Morgan Helton celebrated his birthday on Jan. 2; Dennis Blair, Jan. 6; and Karli Blair, Jan. 8. Billy Blair Jr. will celebrate his birthday on Jan. 16. Happy birthday to each of you.

If I have left anyone or anything out, just let me know and I will be glad you get you next time. I hope everyone has a healthy and happy week. If you would like to contact me, feel free to give me a call or you may email me at alanacouch@hotmail.com.

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