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Snow couldn’t hide Easter eggs

Today is Easter, April 16. It has been a wonderful day to remember why we celebrate this special day.

It hurts to know deep in our hearts what happened all those days of so long ago, but we have to think that we have a chance to go to Heaven when our Savior calls us home.

Oh, what a day that will be, when our Jesus’s face we truly see. What a day, glorious day that will be.

I can remember so many Easters. One time we got up and there was a big snow on the ground. All of the children at our home with Mom and Daddy. He got out and hid the eggs and we could find them easily, because there were holes in the snow.

We loved it, anyway, to get to play in the snow. Some of my cousins had come to spend Easter with us. We always had good times when they came up from Ulvah, my Uncle Cooley Campbell’s children.

Now they have all passed away, except Tannie. She is my very special cousin on my mother’s side.

So many precious memories flood my soul of those young days in our lives. Cousins on my dad’s side were very special, also. We had good times together also.


They would come to our house so we could all be together, play games, roll back the rug and move the bed and chairs and have a square dance.

But sometimes one of my cousins would invite ones that weren’t welcome. They would drink and cause trouble from my dad.

He didn’t allow drunks and sorry people to invade our parties. I had to make some of them leave. I told them I didn’t invite them.

They left when I told them my dad was really mad. They were afraid of him. I didn’t have many parties, as it was not what Dad liked for me to do, so I tried to do what he wanted.

I was sitting on my front porch one day last week, and saw the hearses from Letcher Funeral Home go up. I hadn’t heard of a death in our area. I asked people, but no one knew.

Then I learned who had passed away. It was Christine Roark, the widow of Glen Roark. He was a third cousin of mine, and I went to school with him at KCHS in the ‘40s. He passed away several years ago and left Christine and his boys.

Then she got sick and they had to put her in Letcher Manor in Whitesburg. She had been sick for years. She was a good and kind friend. It is hard to hear of a death that close. No one told any of us here close.

She was a hard worker and helped Glen in the fields and gardens. They raised four sons, one is Dr. Kevin Roark, a dentist at Whitesburg.

Boy! We sure had some bad flooding last week, and it was in the roads in a lot of places.

The place up by Larry Cornett’s was covered, and on Kingscreek in places, and down at Ulvah. My cousin Tannie told me that her road was covered. She was hemmed in. She could go down on the railroad if she really had to.

The branches were flowing off the mountainsides everywhere. The ditches were clogging up with leaves and debris. A few trees had fallen in the road and some gardens were flooded, but this morning I got up to a beautiful, sunny morning.

The creek was run down a lot and then in the afternoon it clouded back up and looks like it may rain again. I hope it doesn’t get really bad. We need rain, but had been a pretty day for awhile.

All the family members are doing fair for now. I hope it stays good.

Randy mowed the yard. It had gotten bad and needed it bad. The flowers are getting pretty.

I’ll write again soon, with love

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