Whitesburg KY

Snow creates nightmares in Ohio

Southern Ohio

Hello again, everyone! I wonder if someone is crunching down on baked groundhog, or groundhog stew. I hope the old tale is not true of having six more weeks of winter!

My cold water froze again, one more excuse not to take a bath! I told my son, Keith Ballard, if someone had come along and offered me $10 for this house I might have taken them up on the offer, of course it was only 10 below zero.

I try to look on the bright side of things and it sure is bright around here as we suddenly received over six more inches of that beautiful white stuff called snow! This was one of the quickest developing snow I have ever seen! It started right on track as the weather report said, by 1 p.m. the ground was covered. Keith was just a short distance from the house with my little sidekick Bennie and I was ever glad when he pulled up in front of the house. I immediately called my daughter, Angie Wiederhold, suggesting she better think twice before going to work. Angie said it wasn’t doing anything at her place, which is only 15 miles away from me.

Angie proceeded to go on to Children’s Hospital. This turned out to be a nightmare. By the time she was leaving she couldn’t get out of the parking garage. They went back in the hospital, stayed for a while, then she came back to the garage. She had two hours sitting on the third level of the parking garage along with others. When she eventually made it to the street then the highway, she along with thousands of travelers found a nightmare waiting for them. Thank God she made it home safe.

My dear friend, Ann Calihan, had a doctor’s appointment. Their daughter, Teresa, had taken Ann and the snow caught them out. Ann said it was a nightmare on the way home. She was very thankful to see the little white house in which she and Johnny live.

It was rough around here, however we have been very lucky. I received a note from my email buddy Ike Adams who writes for The Mountain Eagle. Ike and Loretta had been without electricity for 9 1/2 days.

Gwen Huff Farmer has been held captive in her house for two weeks due to the ice and snow. Gwen’s electricity was out for several hours then came back on.

Vickie Power and I along with little Bennie went to visit my daughter, Kay Gray. Afterward we had supper at La Rosa’s. Kay’s 15-year-old son, Jamie, went with us, though he may never go again. Kay’s daughter, Jennifer, brought Samantha Jo to La Rosa’s to meet Kay as Sammie was spending the night with her. Once again there were four generations together.

It was really great being with the kids and seeing Vickie smile as she talked with Jamie about his Ipod. I don’t know what they are! Vickie was trying to explain to me about her granddaughter, Katie’s, Wii game. It has a game to exercise, Vickie said it even has a place for your weight and it will tell you if you are overweight! I don’t need an expensive game to tell me that!

Vickie said she couldn’t stand on one leg for the time requirement. She asked Katie to stand behind her so she could be propped up.

Hello to Willa Mae Boggs. I hope you and Carl are staying warm, though I understand it hasn’t been that bad of a winter in the mountains of eastern Kentucky until recently.

My brother Richie Hall said it finally snowed a good amount. That road across Cowan Mountain is scary to me when it is good weather. My sister-in-law, Wanda, had a good birthday.

My brother, Jerry, and Mattie Hall called to check on me. Jerry doesn’t get out very much anymore as he is afraid of falling. They did get to visit Mattie’s mother, Nola Morton, for a few nights.

My daughter, Anna Nottingham, her husband, Scott, and the girls, Sarah, Jessica, and Katelyn, are all doing all right. The girls have been enjoying sled riding down the small embankment behind their house, plus having snow cream from the fresh fallen snow.

I wish Eugene and Brenda Caudill would share some of their warmth of Florida with everyone, though Gene tells me they had to crank up the heat and pull out some extra blankets. I think Gene was looking for sympathy and I have to say he didn’t get much from me. I did say poor baby!

Barefoot Bill and Betty Kelly are having roof problems. They had a new roof put on not very long ago. I wonder if the roofers went to the same school as the ones who put the roof on my house and garage.

Betty said if it doesn’t hurry and get warm she is going to streak down the street buck naked. I told her make sure she sent me a picture of that! I bet that wouldn’t be a very far run!

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