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Snow damages Virginia Creeper Trail


Well, Bob, Hunter and I didn’t make it to the Virginia Creeper Trail to ride bikes last Monday after all. We got as far as the Virginia line and called to reserve bikes and learned that the snow from Hurricane Sandy had damaged the trail.

The snow had brought down many trees on the trails, and there was still snow on the bridges and trails. The guy said they may not have it cleared until spring or later.

So we came back and picked up Coreen Pridemore at McDonald’s and went to Bad Branch Falls instead. It was a nice day for a hike, not too cold or too hot, but we did see a little snow and the stream and falls were like a river. The falls were unbelievably raging, and all you could hear was the gushing water hitting the rocks below.

Tammy Adams of Blair Branch had surgery last week and spent a couple of nights in the hospital. She’s home recuperating now.

Ellis Adams hasn’t been feeling well lately. His back has been bothering him. Van Blair also hasn’t been feeling well.

Susan Ison took her mother-in-law, Geraldine, to a doctor in Lexington for more tests. They spent the night with family before returning home.

Margaret Bowling of Doty Creek has been in the hospital and will be in Letcher Manor for rehab.

Belated 55th wedding anniversary wishes to Doyle and Merlene Day, whose anniversary was last week.

Congratulations to Justin Pridemore and Mallory Adams, who were married last Saturday, and also to Andia Adams and Ryan Potter, who were married that day, too.

Wow, what an earthquake! I was down at my shop standing in the doorway, trying to fix a light fixture, when everything started rattling and shaking. For a split second I thought mine blast, but it didn’t stop, so my next thought was a train, but no.

Then I thought earthquake, but couldn’t believe it. And who would have thought the epicenter was at Blackey and that people would actually have home damage?

Saturday, Bob took Dorse Fields for a ride up on top of Carbon Blow to the head of Doty Creek and Dee Smith ‘Holler.’ They enjoyed looking over the mountaintops and the sunny, warm weather.

This was Veterans Day weekend and I honor and thank all of our veterans for their service and sacrifi ces. Many memorials and thankful ceremonies were held to show respect for the men and women who have served our country.

This weekend will be church at Blair Branch, and on Sunday we will have Thanksgiving dinner after services. All are welcome.

Don’t forget about the 50th anniversary party to be held on Saturday for Elwood and Kathy Cornett at the Blair Branch Church from 1 to 3 p.m. No gifts, please, and plan on having dinner while there.

The Isom Presbyterian Church will have its annual Christmas bazaar also on Saturday, Nov. 17.

Gwen’s County Attic will also have Christmas open house on the 16th and 17th.

Get well wishes to Rob Campbell, who has been having heart problems. We hope the doctors can help him to feel better.

Ronnie and Fannie Banks’s daughter, Kristianna, is back at their home on Black Bottom after having to stay in the hospital for awhile.

We were glad to hear that Hagel Campbell Jr. was not seriously injured in the car accident at Isom.

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