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Snow didn’t stop fire dept. dinner


Hello again from Hemphill. Last week was an exciting week.

We had our dinner for the Neon Fire Department and it was a success. Santa arrived and had gifts for all the little ones. It was an exciting day because we didn’t think we could make it to the center for all the snow and ice we had, but several of us braved it and worked all day long.

We had three 22-pound turkeys and four hams baked with all the fixings ready. Oh yeah, we also got the shucky beans done in time thanks to Mike Webb and Margie Johnson. Margie donated them and Mike braved the slick roads to pick them up in Grassy at Margie’s daughter Jane’s house.

Special thanks to all who helped with the dinner. We are always glad to see people volunteer to help out at the center.

The bluegrass for last Friday night was a potluck Christmas dinner, and East KY Tyme played. I wasn’t able to attend but wanted to so bad.

This Friday night is Christmas Eve, so there will be no bluegrass on Dec. 24. We will have a band playing Dec. 31 on New Year’s Eve, The Benny Jones Band from Castlewood, Va.

Music be from 8:30 to midnight. They play a mix of bluegrass and country. This will be a potluck too, so make your favorite recipe and come join us for some New Year’s fun.

There was also a surprise birthday party for my Aunt Mable Johnson at the community center on Sunday, Dec. 19, and we estimated at least 75 to 100 people attended. She was so pleased with that many showing up at her party. All who attended lavished her with some really nice gifts along with gift certificates and cash. She said even if no one had brought her a gift, she would have enjoyed it just as much.

If you couldn’t make it, you missed a special occasion for a very special woman, who has touched the lives of many people.

I hope you have your shopping done for Christmas or at least are close to it anyway. Christmas is here already, and it seems like it gets here faster and faster every year.

My grandson Hunter is having surgery on his teeth at Allen. I sure hope the little fellow is feeling better by Christmas Eve. Good luck, Hunter. Mamaw will be praying for your health.

I talked with Albrow Hall’s daughter, Patricia Wright, and she said he fell in his house about a week ago and broke three ribs. He is in quite a bit of pain but is a real trooper about not complaining. His wife Carol Lee is doing pretty well right now.

Patricia has had some problems with her knee, but thanks to the doctors and shots in the knee, she is feeling some better. She will be seeing a specialist about it next month.

Good luck and merry Christmas to you and all of your family.

We now have a Facebook page for the Hemphill Community Center, so you can go on it and check for any happenings or cancellations.

If you would like to book a party or other event, contact Ioleen Fleming 855- 7737.

We are having problems with our antique furnace at the center right now with a shearing a pin every so often, so if you are having a party we have electric heaters that can be turned on early to warm the room.

Belated happy birthday wishes to my niece, Stephanie Fleming of Salem, Ind., who had a birthday on Dec. 19. She is a very special person, and has just got her RN license. In my opinion she is a wonderful nurse, and she would have to be because she is such a kind, caring person.

Thanks to Steve Brewer for the nice comment he put in his ‘Struttin’ Time’
article last week about my husband Jimmy.

I hope everyone has a very merry Christmas and may all your hopes and dreams come true this holiday season. God bless each and every one of you.

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