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Snow had biggest flakes most had ever seen


I hope that by the time this week’s Eagle comes out that everyone has their electricity back on.

We really had a lot of snow, which made lots of trees uproot and fall on power lines, highways and some houses. You forget how much you depend on your electricity until you lose it for a day or two.

The snow that fell last Friday evening had the biggest snowflakes most of us have ever seen, and they fell at an unbelievably fast rate. Before you knew it, we had quite a few inches.

The Blair Branch Church singing was attended by quite a few people who braved the snow, but some of our members attended the funeral visitation for Evolina Adams, who died after a brief illness. Evolina’s funeral was held on Saturday, Dec. 20, and due to such bad weather, most couldn’t get out to attend. We send our sympathy out to Bob, Kirk and Sharon and all of Evolina’s family.

Saturday evening, a few people came out to Blair Branch Church’s business meeting, which was done by kerosene lamps. The church house was warm with the gas heat, but there was no electricity. Sunday morning the power was still out at the church. About 40 folks came out Sunday despite the power outage.

Tim Breeding came in from Louisville to stay at his dad Verlon Breeding’s home for a couple of days. They came to church Friday and Sunday.

I’m sorry that I forgot to mention that, last month, Gertrude Davis joined Blair Branch Church and was baptized the same day. She was telling us about being stranded in Virginia when all the snow fell on Friday evening, and that she waited in the traffic line four hours before they opened the road to four-wheel-drive vehicles, and she came back to Letcher County.

We hope that Bill Gibson is feeling better this week. He has done well to be about 105 years old.

William ‘Dee-Dee’ Stamper of Michigan is staying with Arnetta Mae Slone during the Christmas holiday. He has other family and friends who stop in to visit, too. The power outage really was bad for him since he is on oxygen and also takes breathing treatments.

Laura Mae Adams had knee replacement surgery last week, and was doing pretty well. She should be home by the time this paper comes out. We hope it helps relieve the knee problems she was having.

That was the column I had ready for last week and didn’t get it turned in. From here will be this week’s Eagle news:

I hope that all did have a good Christmas despite the fact that some areas were still without electricity.

Darold Adams’s funeral was held at Blair Branch Church last week, and he was kept at the church house so his family could pay their final respects to him. He was only 45 years old, and will be missed, not only by his family, but also by his neighbors on Blair Branch. Our thoughts and prayers go out to his brothers, Doug and Dennis, and their families.

K. P. and Lana Pridemore took William ‘Dee-Dee’ Stamper back home to Michigan so he could spend Christmas with his family. He enjoyed his visit here, except for the power outage.

Last Sunday was meeting time at Dixon Memorial Church. Not too many were out but there are a lot of other churches meeting on the fourth weekend.

Shirley Combs said that her mother Ruby Ashley was doing well.

We missed Sylvania Whitaker, who had dialysis on Sunday and wasn’t able to attend church. I think that her daughter Opal took her.

Carbon Glow resident Susie Johnson, died and her funeral was held at the Lighthouse Church at Colson. She was married to Raymond Johnson, and leaves him and their seven children, many grandchildren and greatgrandchildren to mourn her passing, as well as her sister and brothers.

She had recently been a patient at Letcher Manor, and each time we passed her in the hall we would speak to her. Opal Banks knew her from their Carbon Glow days.

She was to be laid to rest at the Hubb Banks Cemetery on Carbon Glow near her home. Our sympathy to her family.

Chester and Odella Wilson Blair were baptized after Cedar Grove Church this past Sunday. Their family came in for their baptism, which was at the old Campbell’s Branch School.

Bob spoke with Larue Breeding while there, and she said all of her children, Lisa, Mona and Scott, had been in for Christmas.

Get well wishes go out to Bill Gibson, who recently had a part of his leg taken off, and also to Billie Lois Baker, who has been in ICU recently.

We’ve all been praying for Ellis Adams, who is to have hip replacement surgery this week. We hope it helps with his hip pain, and that he can make a quick recovery.

Bob, Opal and I stopped to chat with Dorse Fields. He had been to his mailbox and was walking back up the driveway when we saw him. Of course, after a short conversation, the subject turned to UK basketball.

I hope everyone has a happy New Year. How many will have black-eyed peas, ham hocks and cooked cabbage as their New Year’s dinner as most old timers did?

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