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Mostly cloudy

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Happy Valentine’s Day, even though it will be over and done with by the time you read this. I do hope everyone had a good day with lots of flowers and candy.

Hope this finds everyone well and staying warm. We have just about gotten rid of all our snow, but that’s OK because we’re supposed to get more this weekend. We had an all-day rain yesterday and last night, and the winds were ferocious. It’s still windy and cold today.

I talked to Georgia. She is about over whatever it was she had, but like me still gets tired very easily. I am beginning to do more of the things I always did. I have done quite a bit of quilting, am reading some and have written a few letters. I had planned to get some ready to mail today but our mail person was really on the ball — we got our mail before noon. Sometimes it’s late afternoon, 4 p.m. or later.

I saw my niece, Debbie, recently for the first time since before Christmas. Her first husband, Pat Provoznic, father of her two children, Cassie and Ben, is suffering from the dreaded big ‘C’ and is not doing well at all. She also said a brother of her sister-in-law, Joyce Resor Sergent (Ricky’s wife), is in the hospital and also suffering from cancer. He is a fairly young man, Chuck Resor, so when you say your prayers just add a plea for these two young men that their pain will be lessened and they will be given the courage to bear whatever the outcome may be. It’s all in God’s hands.

Bill and Redia stopped by for a short visit. They both seem to be doing well. They had been to Cintas in Strongsville to pick up a load of work clothes.

I talked to dear friend, Liz, who lives in Amherst, which is practically next door. She is originally from the mountains. Her aunt, Alvania (Fields) Shepherd, lives at Isom and I’m sure a lot of you know her. Like the rest of us Liz has had a rough winter but she still sounds upbeat, just like always. She was telling me my favorite fabric shop may be changing hands. Patty, it won’t be the same without you. Guess I’ll have to get hold of my baby sister and have her pick up a few items for me. I especially need some batting. I’m sorry to hear you two aren’t doing too well and I’m sure you are both deserving some well earned rest and relaxation. Maybe we’ll be able to make a trip down in the near future. I don’t make long trips in the winter. Just know that I love you and wish you the best always.

Catharine just came in. They had a slow day so she got off early. She came with an apple pie so I’m going to have to cut this short and have some pie and coffee.

Y’all stay well and warm and have a great week. Love and prayers to all.

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