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Mostly sunny
Mostly sunny

Snow is making up for past mild winters


Digging out of the snow to get the news to you from Bardstown this week. The kids actually had snow days this year.

They were home on Jan. 21 for Martin Luther King Day, and the cold temperatures and slippery roads kept them home on that Tuesday, too. That following Wednesday and Thursday Bardstown had school so my kids went, and Nelson County’s schools were out.

The following week we saw more snow than I’ve seen here in 10 years and the kids were out for Monday and then had two days on a one-hour delay.

Nelson County schools have no “calamity days” left. I’m not sure what they call those days now, but when I was in school that is what they called the days set aside to make up snow days without going off schedule.

Bardstown will go to school on Valentine’s Day and on President’s Day to make up the two days missed either due to snow or due to the below 0 temperatures.

It has definitely been a weird winter. I told my husband, Howie in the fall that if we had snow like we were having rain, we would be in a heap of trouble. It seems to be making up for the two winters of scarce snow and the summer drought that we had two summers ago.

Although it is pretty, it makes traveling to and from work rather rough.

The three inches that fell in Bardstown gradually began melting, but flurries tend to dust the grass peeking out and cover it once again in snow.

As one would think, there were several accidents with the weather’s cold, freezing rain and sleet.

Yesterday Howie and I had to take an alternate route home from Louisville as we came upon a collision in which both vehicles and the rescue vehicles were blocking the passage on Old Bloomfield Road. We were a few cars away, but it appeared that a silver/ tan pickup truck and a black Jeep Cherokee were involved.

Snowplows and salt trucks can be seen pretty regularly on the primary roads and the road department reported a salt shortage and said it was down to 50 tons as reported in Friday’s Kentucky Standard newspaper.

Perhaps we’ll have a milder summer without the triple digit temperatures like we have had the past two or three summers. It is difficult to predict the weather although there are times that if you truly pay attention to what is current you can guess close to what the next seasons will be like.

One thing is for sure, the spiders and insects have been frozen out. Last spring and summer you couldn’t go outside, and the past couple of years the birds were so thick it was unreal. You hear them until dark and early in the mornings singing, and there were so many of them.

Speaking of the birds, the robins came back north too soon. There had to be over 100 of them covering three to four trees out front last week. They were so heavy on the branches that you almost couldn’t see the tree, and they were so heavy on the limbs that they had to constantly fly off the branch and reposition themselves.

I made sure to pick up birdseed for the feeder in my backyard so they would be able to find food until the snow and ice are gone.

I wanted snow so badly in December and now that I am ready for a break from it, it seems to fall every day.

Some of the factories had their workers come in on Saturday because so many of them had had to call in due to the weather making their roads impassable either due to the ice or depth of snow. One lady had a tree fallen across her road that accessed the main road into town.

Prayer list this week includes Inez and Tate Hampton of Eolia, John Rayburn, Chester Rayburn, Sgt. “Larry “ Downs, formerly of Whitesburg (he’s now living here in Bardstown), and Billy Joe Collier of Eolia. Also for our military men and women fighting for our country and to keep us free. Please pray for the leaders of our country and of our states.

May you have a blessed week.

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