Whitesburg KY
Mostly sunny
Mostly sunny

Snow is probably around the corner

Hello everyone. I hope everyone had a good week.

I made a mistake in last week’s paper about Tommy Day. He was in an accident, but not a car accident. He broke his leg above the knee and still needs our prayers.

I am so sorry for the confusion it caused with his family. I care about Tommy and I thought people would want to know. Everyone makes a mistake once in awhile, so I hope his family will accept my apology.

I have really enjoyed this weather lately and I just wish it would stay. But I know somewhere around the corner we will have snow again before spring gets here, and hopefully it will be the last until next winter. It gets warm enough to spoil us, then turns cold again. Oh well, we take the good with the bad.

I talked to Arie Boggs on the phone a couple of times. She said she is doing fair. Keep her in your prayers also. She is really a sweet lady.

Kathy and Eddie Wolfe are doing better. Irene and Eugene Day are still in need of prayer.

I haven’t heard anything lately from my uncle, Isom Fields in Morristown, Tenn. I hope he and his family are doing well. We are still doing well on this side of the mountain.

I ate dinner at Kathy and Eddie’s last week and had fresh mutton, granny beans and cornbread, and it was delicious. I know I am not supposed to have it, but it sure was good.

I got a good report from the test I had done, and thank the Lord, I do not have clogged arteries in my neck.

Melinda and I did some walking the other day, and it wore us out. We sure are out of shape and need to do more walking.

Anna Lou Maggard Combs has been at Whitesburg Hospital, but is supposed to be transferred to Central Baptist in Lexington. She desperately needs our prayers. Big Cowan

I also want to correct another mistake: Fannie Fields Land was a first cousin to Hazel, Mary Lou and Carol Ann, not their aunt. Sometimes I get misinformed, and I apologize for it.

If there is something or someone you do not want me to write about, please call me. Most of the time I get credible information, but sometimes I am told one thing, and when it gets written some people get upset and say that they didn’t say that. If they tell me not to write about them, I don’t. I enjoy writing for The Mountain Eagle and keeping people informed about this area. If you don’t like to read it, skip over it and go on to someone else’s column.

I have a lot of compliments on my writing, and they seem to enjoy it, so unless I hear differently or get to where I can’t write anymore, I will continue to write. I know I am bold and kind of forward, but for those one or two people who don’t like it: please get over it. I don’t get paid for writing, it’s something that I enjoy.

I get praise for my writing one week, and then get chewed out the next because I made an honest mistake. This person suggested I quit writing altogether because of one or two mistakes. We are all not perfect, and maybe I do bring criticism on myself sometimes, but I learn to live with it and go on.

It is almost gardening time. Some people have already planted their peas. I don’t do any gardening, but I thought about planting a tomato vine and see how it does. I love fresh garden stuff, I just don’t have the place or knowhow. I’ve been in the city too long.

One year in Indiana we planted lettuce and onions, and the groundhogs and opossums got to it before we did. My husband and I both worked and didn’t have the time to fool with it that much. My mother-inlaw gave us a tomato vine one time. I’ve never seen so many tomatoes from one vine. Some farmers we were!

Well, it turned a full moon the other night, and talk about things being weird. It seemed like everyone I talked to was crabby — including me. I had a fairly good week up until that point.

Saturday, my husband and I rode to Virginia and stopped at a roadside flea market. The wind just about beat us to death and now we have head colds.

My dad, Jasper Fields, would have been 93, Feb. 22. He has been gone 23 years and I still miss him a lot. ‘He is gone but not forgotten.’ We wish you a happy birthday from all your family. He has a brother, Isom Fields, and a sister, Mary Ellen Blanken, left, and three children, Archie, Christine, and Kathy and their families.

Well, there’s not much going on this week. So until next time, take care and attend church somewhere.

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