Whitesburg KY

Snow looked so ‘Christmasy’


We sure had a pretty, snowy day last Saturday. The snow hung on the tree limbs and looked so ‘Christmasy.’

Linda Day has purchased the Grant and Clara Blair home and everyone is happy to have her back a little closer to her kinfolk in the area. She has been moving out of her apartment above Rodney Ison’s garage and into her ‘new’ home, and we hope that she enjoys her new place.

We were sorry to learn that Dorse Fields has been in the hospital. He’s home now, and we hope feeling better.

Richard Smith will be baptized on Dec. 13 at the Jeremiah Missionary Baptist Church.

Chester and Odella Blair joined the Cedar Grove Regular Baptist Church, and will be baptized on Dec. 27 at the old Campbell’s Branch School.

Evolena Adams is now a patient at Letcher Manor. Both times I stopped in she was resting, and I didn’t wake her. She has been pretty sick for the last couple of months, and I’m glad she got well enough to come to Letcher Manor, where her family can check on her.

Robert Finley of Doty Creek, died in Ohio. He had been in a nursing and rehab facility near where his daughter lived, and will be brought back here for visitation at the funeral home on Wednesday evening and graveside services will be held at the Melton Cemetery on Thursday.

He was one of the old Carbon Glow ‘fellers’ and worked on the Tipple Crew as a young man. Most of that generation have passed away, and it’s hard for us to believe Carbon Glow was once a ‘booming’ area.

Sorry last week I left off Denise Day Howard’s last name. I wasn’t ‘up to par’ last week, and saw a few other mistakes in my column.

Ila and Phillip Smith had kinfolk from Indiana visiting them during Thanksgiving. It was Marion and Florene Back’s children, who stayed a couple of days with them.

K.P. and Lana Pridemore, Arnetta Mae Slone and Mae’s sister, Nancy, went to Michigan during the Thanksgiving holiday. They visited with William ‘Dee-Dee’ Stamper and his son, and Mae and Nancy’s brother-in-law, Ronnie, who was in the hospital then. He is Fannie’s husband.

It’s been ‘hog killing’ weather in the mountains, and quite a few folks have been killing hogs. Jerry and Scott Adams and Chris Campbell, killed three, and John Wayne Blair has killed quite a few.

It’ll make for good eating this winter.

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