Whitesburg KY

Snow makes family gathering even better


I liked waking up to the snow we got; I like watching it snow. We had over two inches over here on the mountain. I just hope we get some at Christmas.

On Saturday myself, my sisters Debbie Fugate and Terry Dixon, along with our parents P-nut and Jean went to Mom and Dad’s cabin and put up a Christmas tree. We had food and talked, and we had a good time. The snow made it even better.

Bill Johnson of Woodrock is in Pikeville Hospital. He had some blockage and ended up on life support. He has not been doing well. I wish him the best.

Elijah Caudill got to come by and visit with us one evening before he left for North Carolina. He had been in Texas for about six months in Air Force training. It was good to see him. He said he might be in for a few days at Christmas. He is the son of Tim Caudill of Blackey and Judy Caudill of Cowan.

Happy birthday to Betty Blair of Crases Branch on Dec. 6.

Joyce Whitaker of Carcassonne called me and wanted to let everyone know that her brother-in-law, Harlan Whitaker of Woodford County, died on Nov. 25. He is survived by his wife Clovis Fields Whitaker. They both are formerly from Carcassonne.

I was glad to hear Joyce was doing some better. Her husband, Charlie, also just recently died. Harlan was 82 years old. My sympathy to the family.

Tom and Lorene Halcomb of Carcassonne had most of their family home for Thanksgiving, except Ella, Lynn and Timothy Sturgill and wife Amber and baby, Trey. They had 25 for dinner. They had Sharon, Mason, Joshua, Shanna, David, and Noah Wright from Alabama; Rosetta, Steve, Sturgill, Crystal, Rigo and baby Selena Lopez from Tiffin, Oh.; Tina, Dallas and Austin Combs, and two friends, Julie and Jimmy, all from Geneva, Oh.; Lorene’s brother, Able Slone, and son Garrett, from Tennessee; her brother Fred Slone and wife Charnel from Harlan; her sister Aileen Couch and daughter Wanda from Colson, were all able to attend. They also had their Christmas while everyone was together.

Then Lorene had to be put in the hospital with breathing problems and got out on a Tuesday, and Tommy had to be put in on that Wednesday. He fell while Lorene was in the hospital and was in a lot of pain, and has breathing problems. He was still in the hospital as of Saturday night and was doing some better. I hope they both get to feeling better soon, and that Tommy can come home.

Happy birthday to Brandon Dixon of Leatherwood, who will be 4 on Dec. 4. He is a son of Wid Dixon, and his stepmother is Callie Fugate Dixon.

Saturday, Dec. 13, my great-niece and nephew, Emmaleigh Adams and her brother Gavin, had their birthday party together at the Carcassonne Community Center. Gavin turns 3 on Dec. 12 and Miss Em turns 7 on Jan. 7. They are the children of Brandon and Shanna Adams of Carcassonne, and their grandparents are Gary (Duke) and Debbie Fugate of Carcassonne, and Jr. Adams of Letcher and the late Cheryl Adams.

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