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Snow makes it look like Christmas

Southern Ohio

Hello everyone!

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas at the present time. We could be like New York and Boston. Boston and several other places don’t know what to do with so much snow. I wish they would take it to Florida. I bet some would be putting clothes on, instead of taking them off.

My sweatshirts sure feel comfortable. Really, we haven’t had a bad winter so far.

It is snowing a little at the present time, and we are supposed to get several inches of the white, fluffy stuff.

Did everyone have a happy Valentines Day? My husband used to get me a Valentine-shaped box of candy every Valentine’s Day. I would save the box. Actually the box was always so pretty, I loved it more than the candy.

I had planned to head for the mountains to attend a Valentines dance. Will Caudill & Route 7 band were playing at Blackey. Weather predictions sort of made me a little afraid to go, plus I wasn’t feeling well, which has seemed to be the story of my life for the past several months.

When I said I was afraid to drive in the snow, my niece Sue Hall said that was the first time that she ever knew of me being afraid of anything.

When my daughter Anna Nottingham was a teenager, against my better judgment, we took a trip to Cincinnati, of all things to do. It was snowing, and the farther I drove the worse it was.

A car hit its brakes in front of me, and before I knew it, I was looking back at where I had come from, facing traffic. I was lucky that traffic was far enough back to stop. That gave me enough room to turn back around.

I was shaking so bad that I could hardly drive. I’ve had a couple of close calls driving by myself, but that was the only time with one of my kids with me.

I will drive to Timbuktu at the spur of the moment in nice weather, so I guess I will just put of traveling until a little later.

I bet Ricky Caudill will be glad when warmer weather finally gets here, as he loves to be out riding his fourwheeler. I hope he is staying warm as I know what it is like not having a furnace.

I can’t seem to get warm enough no matter what the temperature is in the house. I have been like this for sometime.

My sympathy goes out to the family of Clarence Halcomb, who was originally from Linefork. Clarence had made Hamilton his home for many years.

I met Clarence and his lovely wife Arlyn several years ago. They were involved with demonstrations of grinding corn, with a gristmill that Clarence had made at Governor Bebb’s Park, and then we got more acquainted through my column in The Mountain Eagle.

Clarence had peach trees and had a tradition for years that if you come to visit, you eat all the peaches your belly could hold, enjoy good company, then take home a small basket of peaches.

I was treated a little bit extra special as Clarence and Arlyn would share several fresh garden vegetables with me.

I stopped by one time and Arlyn cut me a bouquet of flowers, from her yard. She had no idea it was my birthday. For so many years Arlyn sent me a Valentine card.

Clarence couldn’t believe that I didn’t have college education or some training in journalism, and could never believe that I quit school at the age of 13.

My life has been a lot richer as I had the pleasure of meeting a generation that no longer exist.

Clarence Huff, Gwen Huff Farmer, Dover Cornett, and Clarence Halcomb were all childhood friends.

All was made possible by writing a column in The Mountain Eagle.

Please don’t forget the benefit for Luke Polly, an eight-year-old lad who is very ill. I was going to try to be in the mountains for this event. Due to weather predictions, I am sending a donation.

My eight-year-old little sidekick Bennie Wiederhold is having some issues. Bennie has something called ADHD. The doctors are giving him medicine, and it isn’t helping. I would like to shake a couple of people, and that includes doctors!

They are giving Bennie medicine that my sister Loretta Church used for blood pressure. Now explain that. Bennie has talked about wishing he would die.

I don’t understand how teachers can expect children to sit still for hours, then send so much homework home. There’s no time to go outside. Oh, I better hush.

Bennie is eight years old, and he weighs 41 pounds. Did I say I was worried? Bennie is so intelligent it scares me. He heard something on television, and said, “What the heck?”

He recognized it as being in something he was taking, and said, “What are they trying to do, kill me?”

I need a bluegrass music fix and some mountain air to help me get my head straight.

Due to health reasons I haven’t been anywhere and haven’t felt like dancing, and I am getting to be a rolly-poly.

Les and Pat Wagner, I hope you are feeling better. Please keep Becky Hasty and the family in your prayers.

Doyle and Betty Ison, I hope you two are feeling better.

Bill Kelly is feeling a little better. Betty has been quilting quite a bit this winter. Betty and I are really anxious for it to get spring so we can sit on the porch.

Johnny and Ann Callihan, please stay warm.

I’d better get this on it’s way. Please stay warm.

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