Whitesburg KY
Mostly cloudy
Mostly cloudy

Snow may interfere with holiday travel

Northeast Ohio

Howdy. C’mon in outa the cold and join me in a cuppa hot coffee or cocoa. It’s been a day of on and off and on rain and snow and even worse, cold winds. Set yerself down an’ tell me how the week has been few yew. Do hope yew hadda good ‘un.

By the time you are reading this Halloween will be just a memory and I do hope it was a safe one for all the little ghosts and goblins and hope they got lots of goodies. We live in Sheffield Township, which is home to Clearview High School, and they have a ballgame Friday night so our trick or treat will be Thursday night.

I just talked to Jeannie. As soon as she spoke I knew something was wrong. She said she has passed out at Kroger’s and was sore and bruised all over. She also said she had been passing out in the chair during dialysis. I just gotta get down to see her sometime soon if I can get someone to go with me. Red just isn’t up to making a trip anywhere. Would you please put her on your prayer list? Also Phil, as he is having to care for her, which I’m sure isn’t an easy thing to do. Oops! Not implying Jeanie is a difficult patient, just not easy for anyone and I know from experience.

I talked to Sarah Belle. She sounded the best I had heard her in some time. Georgia called. They and Jettie still haven’t gotten hold of Henry Warren but did hear from Ronald and Johnell. Ron had some minor outpatient surgery and was feeling a bit groggy but I’m sure he’ll be fine. That one just don’t give up.

We still haven’t made any plans for the holidays. Guess we’ll just wait and see. I think Bill has some vacation time around Thanksgiving and should the weather be favorable and everyone is well, we just might make a trip to the mountains for a couple of days. The only thing about traveling in winter is how quickly the weather can change. We could leave here in fairly decent weather and before we got to our destination we could be snowbound. Or as happened to us one time, we left Kentucky, no snow or anything, by the time we got to Columbus some light snow, but when we got to 4801 Clifton Ave., the snow was so deep we just barely got off the street in our driveway. Or the time we drove from Portsmouth home in a ice storm, scary.

I must be losing it. Twice I have mentioned the wrong greatgranddaughter as having an August birthday. It wasn’t Anna or Julia but Lydia August Marie,. How could I forget as August is part of her name? I have been trying to think of a good excuse I could use and the best I can come up with is just that I was having a senior moment. Do any of you ever have any such moments?

Speaking of birthdays, I have several November greetings to send to the following: Red’s sister. Jean, in Kentucky and his niece, Gloria Jean Strough, in Virginia on the 3rd; niece Christy Adams in Indiana and cousin Madge Sergent in Kentucky on the 5th; nephew Rodney Sergent in Ohio on the ninth; brother Henry Warren in Kentucky and great-granddaughter Julia Engle in Ohio on the 16th; Richard’s granddaughter, Cassie Provoznic, in Ohio on the 17th; grandson David Engle in Ohio and nephew Bobby Goins in Kentucky on the 20th; Loretta Adams in Whitesburg on the 21st; Red’s nephew, Langley Engle, in Kentucky on the 25th; nephew Larry Goins in Virginia on the 30th; and great-granddaughter Anna in Kentucky on the 26th (I think). Oh! And I can’t forget good friend Pat Holcomb in Elyria, Ohio, on the 15th. Wishing all a beautiful, fun day and may you have many, many more. Wishing the same to each and all who are celebrating this month and congratulations to all who are celebrating anniversaries; may you have a long, happy life together.

Our trick-or-treat just ended and boy was I wrong. I thought we would only have a few but was afraid I would run out of candy! I had a basket that holds at least a peck.

We had a beautiful afternoon. The sun came out and it warmed up nicely and is supposed to stay warm for several days; nights are still cold though.

I plan to pick some more mustard tomorrow.

It’s gonna be too cold pretty soon.

Red talked to his brother, Charles, and he said he and Delores would be up this week. We’re looking forward to seeing them and hope they have good traveling weather, both ways.

Hello to Bobby Joe and Madonna Pass. Hope you are both well and the “Gospel Jubilee” is still going well as I’m sure it is. Our love to you both.

Hello Oma Hatton, Rose Ballard, Gladys Smith, Mildred Perdue, Emilie Schmidt and cousins Eva Dale Douglas and Janice Jordan. I need to write to some of these. I could say the letter is in the mail but I won’t. It ain’t now but will be soon. Done got lazy or should say lazier.

‘Bout time for little missy to stop by so I had better say so long, see you next week so have a good’un. Stay healthy and happy and be good to one another. Love, peace and prayers to everyone.

Emma Engle, 4801 Clifton Ave., Lorain, OH 44055, emmalouengle@yahoo.com, (440) 233-7548.

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