Whitesburg KY

Snow missed Bardstown

I hope everyone had a merry Christmas. We did ours a day early and the kids were thrilled. I was very blessed this year and I thank God for how far He has gotten us since this time last year.

Kevin picked the kids up Thursday evening for Christmas weekend. It had been awhile since I’d cooked enough to have leftovers, but come Sunday morning I was still having cake for breakfast. Oh the joys of being an adult, ha ha! No parents to regulate your junk food intake. I hear another opinion once in awhile.

On Friday we went to the home of Annette and Wes Filiatreau, Jeff’s cousin, for Christmas dinner. A lot of family was there including Annette’s parents Kathy and Jr. Beavers, her sister Paula and her husband Ty and their kids. Paula owns the Hair Gallery. Jimmy and Cindy Beavers and their children were there. June Clark, Keith Collins and his girlfriend Christina and her son Samuel came down from Dayton, Oh.

We didn’t have any snow at all last week and I was very disappointed. I heard I wasn’t the only one complaining. Santa was able to be very generous this year, despite the economy.

I’m excited about what the new year might be bringing. There are a lot of events scheduled here in Bardstown.

With the Christmas activities that were going on, we have encountered people from Missouri and several other states during the month of December.

Happy birthdays go out to Jeff Lester on Dec. 28, Melissa Day on Dec. 30, and Jerrica Rayburn on Jan. 7.

Despite the chilly temperatures on Sunday, it appeared to be a warm and sunny day, however stepping outside proved different

Keith, Christina and Samuel stayed with us Saturday night and left later in the day Sunday for the drive back to Ohio. We really enjoyed their company; they don’t get to come down often enough.

School resumes on Jan. 4, so the kids got a nice twoweek break from their classes and getting up early to catch the bus and brave the cold temperatures. They are rather lucky they can see the bus coming from inside the house and don’t have to stand in the cold for 15 or 20 minutes before the bus arrives to pick them up.

After hearing the mess that was caused by the snowstorm last weekend, I was glad I wasn’t in Eolia anymore.

My dad was without electricity for a long time. I haven’t heard from him since on Christmas Day when he called to say his phone was on but that it might be January before their lights are repaired.

I hope we can avoid a repeat of last year, when that ice storm hit on my birthday and took our power out for 28 hours. I don’t have my gas oven this year to cook on and warm the place up like I did in the apartment, but I definitely don’t miss my apartment being in this nice warm house where the kids have a backyard to play in.

I suppose that’s all the news this week. Blessings to you all.

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