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Partly cloudy

Snow missed us this time

Hello everyone. It looks like the snow missed us this time around. Yay! It won’t be long until Old Man Winter comes along. Don’t forget to set your clocks back one hour on Saturday night so it will be ready for Sunday.

A good way to remember it is in the spring it ‘springs forward,’ and in the fall it ‘falls back.’ My husband taught me that. Big Cowan

Late happy anniversary wishes to Stacy (Hignite) and Rick Dobson on Oct. 20. I hope you have 22+ more years together. Also Arlen (Sexton) and Marvin Taylor Sr. would have been married 23 years Nov. 3. Happy anniversary to Arlene, and r.i.p. Marvin. Everyone misses you.

The late Earl Rayburn died a year ago Saturday, Nov. 4. Josh Fields died one year ago, also. Both are missed by family and friends and the community.

Prayer list this week: Mary Ann Maggard who fell and broke her wrist; Charles Hammonds, blood pressure problems; Pat Mullins had a heart attack. She is the mother of Carla Maggard of Cowan. Mike Rayburn has been in the hospital for kidney problems; Jim Howard Banks, a tractor rolled over him, and he’s at Whitesburg ARH with a possible collapsed lung. He is the son of the late Jona and Howard Banks. He also has broken ribs and a broken hip. Also on the prayer list are Marie Johnson Boyd, who lives in Dante, Va.; Odessa and Ruben Lewis have health problems; Ashley Fields has to have surgery for female problems; Jace Bates fell and hit his head, and it’s a miracle he is okay, he’s a grandson of Jay Bates; all the people in our community; Bill and Agnes Maggard have health problems; Audrey Hammonds has heath problems; Irene and Eugene Day; Carla and Tony Maggard and Destiny; Joe Maggard; Ann and Johnny Collier; and Arlene Taylor.

I guess the benefit singing went well at the Cowan Community Center on Saturday. I had company and did not go. It was for the Santa Train. The kids look forward to it every year. Their faces just light up when it comes down the highway.

A gospel singing will be at Neon, and church services this coming Friday, Nov. 4 at 7 p.m. at the Boone Fork Kitchen. Preacher Jason Brown invites all to attend. The doors will be open at 6 p.m.

Also, we still need to pray for Charles Large in Virginia, who has cancer. I’m looking for the Lord to do a complete healing on him.

Well, everyone have a good week and attend the church of your choice. Pray for one another. Until next time.

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