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Snowy weather brings memories

The kind of weather we have been having lately sure brings back old memories of growing up on the River Road above Blackey. We used to wade snow deeper than any we have had to get to school.

There weren’t any school buses and we walked to school, a little over a mile. But we didn’t mind it too much because we were able to have fun along the way.

Children are pampered so much in today’s age they wouldn’t know what to do or say if they were asked to walk to school, even if the school was close enough and it sure wouldn’t be safe to walk. But back in those days there wasn’t so much evil for them to encounter along the way. In today’s society it isn’t safe to let a child get out of your sight, much less walk to school.

We have six grandchildren and are proud of them and their progress in school, and do everything we can to encourage them in this endeavor, and we certainly wouldn’t allow them to walk to school. In fact, we take them to school and pick them up after school so as to keep them from having to ride a school bus.

Not that anything would happen, but Feb. 28, 1958 still burns in my mind as if it was yesterday, when about 26 children drowned over in Floyd County when their school bus plunged into the Big Sandy River. Even though it was swollen to three times its normal depth, there would have no doubt been casualties anyway. The authorities blamed the accident on first one thing and then another, and I really don’t know if they ever figured out what really happened.

But no matter what caused the accident, 26 children lost their lives that morning. The Goble family lost all three of their children on that fateful morning. It would be heartbreaking enough to lose one child, and we can only imagine the anguish the families went through who lost more than one child.

Our children are precious, and they are the future of our society. But it is our responsibility to do all we can do to see that they get a good education because without a good education they don’t stand a chance of surviving.

Which brings me to another subject. Our legislature wants to raise the retirement age again. There are not enough jobs right now for the people who are under retirement age. If they raise the retirement age to where the people who are nearing retirement age cannot retire, there will be even more jobless people, and it sure won’t shore up the economy which is a mess already.

I may be a little off base, but I fail to see where raising the retirement age is going to do anything good for the economy, because it will only get worse. Common sense tells me that it won’t do any good to educate the people so they can compete in the job market if there are fewer jobs to compete for.

So I’ll leave you with this little punch: Two friends joined the Army and one of them stuttered something awful. They decided to go Airborne, and were making a jump. They were instructed to count to five before pulling the ripcord to open their parachute.

As some of them were slowly drifting toward the ground, there was a whoosh as the stuttering boy plummeted toward the ground, and as he went by they heard him say, “tu tu tu two.”

I wonder if he got to five before he hit the ground.

And that’s all from the funny farm until next time. (c) 2011 King Features Synd.

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