Whitesburg KY

Snowy weather is no big surprise


Hope everyone has been staying warm and dry. I remember so many snows in April that I’m not surprised by the weather. The thing is I can’t take the cold weather as well as I used to. Give me a temperature of at least 70 and I’m a happy camper. Oh well, we will be happy to see warmer temperatures and lots of sun.

I need help with a Civil War soldier’s final resting place. Richard Quillen has a marker but we can’t find the grave. I thought it was near the Tolliver Cemetery in Millstone. Also in the cemetery are two of the oldest Tollivers. Call me at 855-7338.

Sympathy to the family of Charles Pete Hill, our neighbor. What a good man he was , a great neighbor. Remember his wife Faye, his children Sherry, David, Phyllis and Donna and all his family.

Sympathy to the family of Jimmy Ray Slone, his wife Josie, their children and grandchildren. I had known Jimmy all these years. We were neighbors living in Beaver Dam and then we lived in the same town in Ohio. We both moved back to Letcher County a long time ago, he living at Colson and me at Deane.

Prayers for all that are sick and hurting, Geneva Akeman, Danny Akeman, Vet Quillen , Bud Hatton, Terry Caudill. Imogene Sexton and Ronnie Baker.

I was so sorry to hear of the death of Freddie Collier, formerly of Millstone. I talked to Louise Rose and she told me about his death. I knew his wife Joella. Kirby and Louise and their family are doing okay.

It was so good to see Joann Hall this past week; she never gets any older. She is a good friend. I miss seeing her at the Colson Center. In fact, I miss all the folks at the center.

Baker Fence Company put up a flagpole and hung a Revolutionary flag for soldier Daniel Bentley near Neon this past Saturday. Maxine Quillen and Raymond Isaacs were there to lend a hand. Most all Bentleys of Letcher County have ties to Daniel.

Brandon Jent was home for the weekend from UK. He and his sisters went to see the play at LCCHS.

Mendy Gross has our sympathy on the loss of her precious mother. She and Glen are such a huge part of our community.

Jesse Quillen, the son of Jack and Krystal Quillen, came in eighth in the Pinewood Derby this weekend. Congratulations to Jesse.

Maxine Quillen enjoyed the music of Dawson Creek at Hemphill Community Center on Friday night along with lots of other folks.

Remember, folks, we need your donations for the statue of our Letcher County Giant. Let’s show our pride in our very own Giant.

Clester and I were pleased to see Anna Lee Thomas and her daughter Brenda Richardson on Saturday.

Talked to Otho and Pat Halcomb of Elyria, Ohio, this week and glad to hear they are well. Otho knows more people in this area than I do and he moved away years ago. I love hearing from them.

A big thank you to Major and Ella Sparks for the great lunch on Friday. Jean Cook and I enjoyed it, so did Clester and Amanda. Ella sent some of her delicious cake home with me.

May God bless

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