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Snowy weather prevents visit from son


HAPPY NEW YEAR 2021. I hope this year will be good to you. The year 2020 started off good but then the coronavirus arrived and we all changed our lifestyles. At least we now know we can entertain ourselves.

I hope all had a good Christmas. We were expecting a son to come in but the weather kept him from arriving. It was just Mike and me for Christmas this year. Hopefully we’ll see sons next year on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day. This was our seventh Christmas Day without a son and for my brother it was his first Christmas Day without one of his children.

Our daughter-in-law, Heather Wenning, came home for the Christmas weekend. She’s doing her clinicals for medical school in Long Island, New York. The Christmas gifts I ordered for her didn’t come in so I’m going to have to reorder them. At least I did get a refund for the missing items. I am hoping that the packages arrive next week in New York.

On Sunday, December 27, we did have a Christmas with family. My niece, Janis Marr, and her family came in for the day. They visited her grandpa, Glen Brown of Whitesburg, and then came to our house.

My brother, John Campbell, brought gifts up here and we had Christmas here. Janis had made chili and John had cooked a ham and made a potato salad. It was his first potato salad and it was good. We furnished all the snack foods and there was a lot of food.

I did spend a lot of time holding my youngest greatniece, Campbell Rose Marr. She’s adorable. I loved having everyone here. Those that were here: John Campbell, Janis Marr, Michael Marr, Anna Bledsoe, Myles Marr, Addy Marr, Tucker Marr, Cami Marr, Gabe Brock, Mike and me.

For Christmas, Janis gave me Mom’s old recipe box with Mom’s recipes. I will admit that I had tears.

There was nearly a holiday tragedy. My brother had put firewood on top of his wood stove so it would dry out. Apparently the wood got too dry and started smoking. Luckily the smoking wood was caught and taken outside. That’s a scary thing to think about.

The snow was eight to nine inches deep for us. On Saturday, Mike had to move the SUV as the temperatures were warming up. There was a broken tree from the snowstorm that was being held up by another tree. We were afraid the broken tree would fall when the snow started melting. I sure didn’t want my vehicle to get hit.

The snow was very pretty. It looked like a winter wonderland while the snow was falling.

Tori, Rusty, Calli, and Ella Akers of Talbot, Tenn., came home for Christmas. They spent Christmas with Tori’s parents, John and Barbara Banks of Cowan. Tori’s grandmother, Minnie Vae Banks, was a sister to my grandmother, Beulah Caudill.

Janet Napier and her siblings had to spend Christmas separately due to COVID 19. The annual Fields Christmas party was canceled this year. Hopefully they can get together next Christmas.

Molly Vae Banks of Glasgow has retired. She taught medical billing and coding for a lot of years. Congratulations, Molly. I hope you enjoy your retirement.

Feel better wishes are being sent to Pat Andry.

The birthdays for January are listed: January 1 – Debbie Ison Vice; January 3 – Matthew Beardon; January 4 – Balisa Baker-Southworth; January 5 – Marcia Roberts; January 6 – Nathan Banks; January 7 – Jerrica Rayburn; January 8 – Tonia Banks; January 9 – Joshua Blanchard; January 10 – Ada Fields Damrell; January 14 – Marsha Day; January 16 – Clayshan Roberts Kincer; January 19 – Steven Caudill; January 20 – Jaimie Ware Meffod; January 22 – Janina Sigrest; January 24 – Stacy Barnett; January 27 – Lorie Stidham Morine; January 30 – Gary Combs; Joe Newell; January 31 – Stephanie Wenning Silver, Alex Wenning.

The quote of the week: “The future depends on what you do today.”

Stay healthy and safe. Please protect yourself and others with a mask.

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