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Annika Noelle stars as “Hope” on “The Bold and The Beautiful.” Cliff Lipson/CBS

Annika Noelle stars as “Hope” on “The Bold and The Beautiful.” Cliff Lipson/CBS

Short column this week because networks are running retro episodes Thursday or Friday of Thanksgiving week.

THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL — Liam and Steffy agreed to disagree about Thomas being an imminent threat to Hope. The Hope Mannequin came to life for Thomas during a family dinner with Hope and Douglas. Caught between reality and hallucination, Thomas made a critical error. Furious, Liam arrived to confront Thomas and instead witnessed a shocking moment. Struggling and in disbelief, Liam broke down while telling Steffy an unbelievable story. Wait to See: Finn’s unexpected arrival brings a disoriented Thomas back to reality.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES — Jan made a shocking demand at Shawn and Belle’s wedding. Claire realized that Jan betrayed her. Lani apologized to Kristen for Eli’s actions. Eli commiserated with Abe and Julie. John attacked Jan. Charlie comforted a distraught Claire. Philip found a surprise in his bedroom. Xander and Sarah uncovered a clue regarding Philip’s partner-in-crime. The Hortons gathered to celebrate Thanksgiving. Abigail and JJ rallied around Jennifer. Julie gave Jack hell for hurting Jennifer. Gwen manipulated Chad and Abigail. Jake insisted to Kate that they had nothing to hide. Rafe returned to Salem and discovered that much had changed. Gabi arrived in Salem determined to reunite with Jake. Gwen fueled Chad’s paranoia about Jake and Abigail. Wait to See: Jack and Abigail reconcile.

GENERAL HOSPITAL — Cameron was injured. Dante and Dustin shared a common goal. Mac headed off Laura. Sam left Julian hanging. Sonny was devastated. Carly waited for some important news. Sam sensed that she wasn’t being told something crucial. Julian asked Ava for a favor. Maxie searched for Mac. Carly helped Brando. Britt came upon Brad having a nightmare. Kevin shared some bad news with Laura. Ava gave Julian an ultimatum. Liz leaned on Scott for support. Molly and Sam discussed Alexis’ drinking. Wait to See: Sonny accepts what is best for his family.

THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS — Jack discovered Theo’s revenge plot. Lily came to Billy’s defense. Chelsea demanded answers from Sharon. Victor tried to stop Adam from self-destructing. Sally made her mark in Genoa City. Abby faced a tough decision. Sharon reminded everyone of the importance of giving back. Lily tried to mend fences between Devon and Nate. Wait to See: Summer has a change of heart.

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