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Galen Gering is “Rafe” on Days of Our Lives.” Chris Haston/NBC

Galen Gering is “Rafe” on Days of Our Lives.” Chris Haston/NBC

THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL — Finn learned a shocking secret about his past. A significant bombshell dropped at Steffy and Finn’s wedding reception. Katie and Donna strolled down memory lane while looking at old photo albums. Chaos ensued at the reception at Forrester Mansion. Donna made a confession to Katie about Eric. Steffy was angry, and Finn was torn at how their pasts were intertwined. Family and friends provided backup when Ridge made a demand of an unwelcome guest. Wait to See: An emotional Steffy lays down the law to her new husband on their wedding day. A master manipulator devises a plan. Finn attempts to navigate his new situation.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES — Ben took Ciara to a place that had special meaning for them. Allie and Claire were in deep trouble for helping Ben. EJ confronted Sami with Kristen’s letter. Nicole opened up to Rafe. Ciara helped an injured Ben. EJ and Lucas fought over Sami. Gabi deceived Philip. Sami ripped into Nicole. EJ threw Sami out of the mansion. Gabi revealed to Jake how she intended to bring down Philip. Meanwhile, Philip confronted Chloe about chasing after Brady. Ava was unhappy to find Rafe comforting Nicole. Belle and Eli put pressure on Allie and Claire. Chanel and Tripp grew concerned about Allie. Paulina tried to help Theo, but her gesture angered Lani. Ciara had a major breakthrough. Wait to See: Gwen finds herself on the hot seat. Lani explains to Abe why it’s so hard for her to forgive Paulina. Steve delivers upsetting news to Jack.



GENERAL HOSPITAL — Austin gave Chase an idea. Brook Lynn became suspicious of Michael’s behavior. Nikolas was horrified to learn about Ryan’s letter. Shawn tracked down Naomi. Sam received a veiled message. Monica checked on Willow. Ned worried that Austin might have a case. Trina pressured Spencer to throw the party at Wyndemere. Jason and Carly discussed calling a meeting with the Five Families. Ava imparted a bit of wisdom to Trina. Obrecht and Scott grew closer. Jordan was sympathetic toward Portia. Nina and Sonny grew even closer. Jax confided in Britt about his thoughts on Carly marrying Jason. Portia felt optimistic. Dante shared information about a case with Sam. Wait to See: Jordan encourages Shawn to focus on his future and TJ. Jax confronts Jason about Joss’ safety. Sonny and Nina are feeling optimistic about the future.

THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS — Victoria shared surprising news with Victor and Nikki. Summer caught Nick and Phyllis off guard. Amanda set the record straight with Naya. Victor made Victoria a surprising offer. Kevin was suspicious of Adam’s reform. Jack engaged in a power struggle with Ashland. Jack commiserated with Phyllis. Chelsea tested the waters with Adam. Abby received a cryptic message from Mariah. Nate and Elena struggled to find balance in their relationship. Wait to See: Billy and Lily face an ethical dilemma. Victor questions Ashland about his intentions. Sharon asks Rey to help find Mariah.

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