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THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL — Quinn and Carter found themselves busted. Things quickly grew volatile between Steffy and Sheila. Quinn and Carter attempted to do damage control. Eric and Katie bonded while sharing an emotionally cathartic moment. Ridge exploded when Justin revealed an upsetting truth. Sheila put Finn on the spot when he interfered in her argument with Steffy. Katie gained clarity when Eric divulged an intimate secret. Wait to See: Ridge confronts Eric in front of Quinn about her adultery. Finn confides in Hope while Liam and Steffy spend time with Kelly. Sheila takes deceptive advice from a new acquaintance.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES — Ciara tried to assuage Ben’s fears about having a baby. Allie informed Tripp of her family’s shocking past. Johnny turned to Tony for help with his movie. Doug struggled to communicate with Eli. Philip surprised Chloe with another romantic gesture. Brady grew suspicious of Jake’s motives. EJ realized that Nicole had feelings for Rafe. Brady tried to discourage Nicole from going out with EJ. Xander and Gwen schemed to get Xander out of his predicament. Abigail told Jack she didn’t think Gwen’s story added up. Ava and Philip conspired to bring down Gabi and Jake. Marlena had a very disturbing dream. John gave Johnny some disappointing news. EJ and Lucas shared a tense encounter. Allie talked to Chanel about Tripp. Wait to See: John receives a dire warning. Chad is surprised when Abigail seriously contemplates Johnny’s offer.

Rena Sofer is “Quinn” on “The Bold and The Beautiful.” Gilles Toucas/CBS

Rena Sofer is “Quinn” on “The Bold and The Beautiful.” Gilles Toucas/CBS

GENERAL HOSPITAL — Josslyn had incredible news to share with Brook Lynn. Obrecht lost her advantage. Chase gave Finn some brotherly advice. Terry offered Liz her support. Valentin took advantage of a moment of liquid courage. Obrecht formed an unexpected alliance. Michael and Willow grew closer than ever as parents. Josslyn was mystified by what she saw at the hospital. Nikolas realized there was only one way for Ava to be safe. Epiphany took care of an old friend. Esme made a bold move. Jax accepted his part of the blame. Alexis encouraged Shawn to update her on Hayden’s case. Ava surprised Kevin. Esme and Josslyn had a run in. Nikolas felt backed into a corner. Ava got the last word. Wait to See: Maxie is apologetic. Brook Lynn asks Ned about the tension between him and Olivia. Scott tells Austin that his challenge of Edward’s will is moving to the next step.

THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS — Victor helped Ashland create a defense against Billy. Abby turned to Devon for help with Dominic. Mariah hinted at plans for the future. Jack and Phyllis discussed some unfinished business. Victoria and Adam called a truce. Amanda made a move in the right direction. Nikki questioned Billy’s motives. Jack spent quality time with Phyllis. Nate gave Ashland some unsolicited advice. Victoria accused Nick of betrayal. Mariah opened up to Sharon. Ashland protected his interests. Wait to See: Nick interrupts a moment between Jack and Phyllis. Mariah and Tessa disagree about their future. Victoria unleashes her anger.

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