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THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL — Hope offered Finn some emotional support in his dilemma with Sheila. Eric experienced an epic epiphany about his situation. Steffy became concerned about Thomas’ feelings for Hope. Zende and Paris flirted while designing the Hope for the Future fashion line. Liam set up a romantic and passionate rendezvous for Hope. Paris took Zende on a date to Dodger Stadium, where she delivered a big surprise. Zende made it clear that he wanted a future with Paris. Wait to See: The drama unfolds when an unexpected visitor arrives in Los Angeles. Sheila sets a new plan in motion to drive a wedge between Steffy and Finn. Later, Finn feels guilty for keeping a secret from Steffy.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES — Doug tried to stop Marlena from harming Julie. Chanel assisted Abe with his romantic surprise for Paulina. Meanwhile, Paulina and Lani talked about the past. EJ picked up Nicole for their date. Chad made a deal with Johnny. Abe proposed to Paulina. Rafe and Ava had an awkward run-in with Nicole and EJ. Chanel interrupted Eli and Lani’s romantic evening. Maggie returned home and shared some sad news with Brady and Chloe. Ava gave Philip the dirt on Jake. Xander roped Justin into his plan. Gwen played dirty to help Xander. Philip gave Gabi an ultimatum. Ava put on an act for Jake. Brady invited Chloe to join him and Rachel on a fall outing. Gabi demanded the truth from Jake. Wait to See: Philip blasts Chloe for her “betrayal.” Maggie and Ciara console Julie about Doug. The Devil continues to torment Marlena.

James Reynolds is “Abe” on “Days of Our Lives.” Chris Haston/NBC

James Reynolds is “Abe” on “Days of Our Lives.” Chris Haston/NBC

GENERAL HOSPITAL — Dante and Sam’s plan started to work a little too well. Spencer shocked and disappointed Nikolas. Esme celebrated at The Savoy. Trina showed compassion. Sam was comforted by Dante. Peter gave Victor an ultimatum. Curtis and Portia reconnected. Brook Lynn apologized to Austin. Maxie had a realization about one of her friendships. Sam and Dante grew closer. Anna sought out Valentin. Victor made a startling revelation. Sonny and Carly welcomed an unexpected guest. Britt gave some sound advice. Esme sought out help from Cameron. Josslyn doubled down on her suspicions. Portia and Trina had a heart-to-heart talk. Spencer was apologetic. Nina faced the cost of what she’d done to her relationships. Wait to See: Josslyn and Cameron don’t see eye to eye. Alexis admonishes Nikolas. Shawn talks to Jax about Hayden’s investigation.

THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS — Ashland asked Nick to keep a secret. Sally went on the defense with Adam. Amanda kept Devon on his toes. Victoria and Ashland arrived in Tuscany. Mariah struggled with her maternal instincts. Adam kept tabs on Billy. Ashland put his relationship with Victoria in danger. Nate and Elena covered for a friend. Some shocking information fell right into Billy’s lap. Victor and Nikki did some damage control in Tuscany. Billy put his plan in motion. Wait to See: Victor and Nikki find themselves on opposite ends of a debate. Mariah surprises Tessa. Victoria makes a decision about her future with Ashland.

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