Whitesburg KY


THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL — While discussing the upcoming Intimates fashion show with Ridge, Brooke became noticeably distracted from worrying about Bill. Ridge finally became concerned when Brooke confessed that Bill might know about his bribe. From a distance, Emma watched Zoe and Xander flirt. Zoe met Xander’s Uncle Julius and Aunt Vivienne before the fashion show. Sally’s Aunt Shirley arrived to support her. Steffy modeled the showstopper, and the Intimates fashion line was declared a success. Katie saved Ridge mid-interview when his mind began wandering. Brooke tried to tell Bill that he should be spending time with his son instead of digging up information about the trial. Zoe confided in a sympathetic Wyatt about her relationship woes. Wait to See: Pam’s clash with Quinn triggers memories from her past.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES — Chloe dropped a bombshell at Rex and Sarah’s engagement party. Belle was reunited with Marlena and made peace with John. Sami confided her fears about EJ to Marlena. Bonnie said goodbye to Mimi and the baby. Sarah unleashed her fury on Rex. A frantic Sami rushed to find the missing patient. Paul and Will had a curious run-in with Susan. Gabi was furious when she learned that Abigail had outmaneuvered her. Stefan received some stunning news about his family. Susan threatened Sami with a scalpel. John and Marlena finally got married. Abigail turned the tables on Kate. Hope and Rafe met with a witness who could help prove their case against Ben. Chad kidnaps Abigail. Wait to See: Chad helps Abigail when she goes into labor.

GENERAL HOSPITAL — Carly leaned on Jason. Margaux began her own investigation. Curtis volunteered his help. Ava felt increasingly anxious. Jordan received some bad news. Charlotte was on to Spencer. Lucas gained a new perspective. Anna took the next step. Chase had an awkward encounter. Carly interrupted Laura. Brad shared a secret with Britt. Michael was very reluctant. Nina made an important call. Lulu was forced to step away. Elizabeth questioned Cameron’s motivation. Nelle was up to her old tricks again. Julian consoled Kim. Oscar relied on his friends. Margaux got the proof she needed. Terry confided in Elizabeth. Franco and Nina bonded. Kiki was supportive. Wait to See: Laura meets Sasha.

THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS — While Sharon and Billy renewed their friendship, Nick and Phyllis sought comfort with one another. Cane continued to struggle with life without Lily and came up with an idea to move closer to the prison. Devon intervened on the twins behalf and explained that Cane should put their needs first and not uproot his family. Lola invited Kyle to sample her new recipes. Her brother Rey didn’t approve, but Kyle was able to win him over by eating some spicy peppers. Later, Kyle offered to finance a restaurant for Lola. Mariah noticed her mother’s attraction to Rey, but Sharon continued to deny her feelings for the detective. Wait to See: Abby learns some shocking news about Arturo’s past. (c) 2018 King Features Synd.

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