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THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL — Dollar Bill gave it his all in an attempt to win back Katie’s trust. Carter and Quinn’s relationship reached a tipping point. Paris and Zende took their relationship to the next level. Bill interrupted a moment between Ridge and Brooke to ask for a favor. Eric put Carter on the spot regarding his intentions toward Quinn. Zende confided in Hope about his fantastic night he shared with Paris. Brooke urged Donna to accept her feelings and to fight for Eric. Wait to See: Sheila seizes an opportunity with Deacon when she spots Finn and Hope nearby. Eric is moved when he learns of Donna’s true feelings. Hope and Finn are stunned to witness Sheila and Deacon.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES — John was stunned by Marlena’s decision. Steve was given a surprising assignment. Bonnie and Gwen became cellmates. Victor met with Melinda to negotiate his nephew’s release. John wondered if Marlena could be possessed again. Johnny moved forward with his movie. Brady offered Chloe a place to stay. EJ took Nicole out for a dinner do-over. Steve and Kayla teamed up to extract information from EJ. Justin encouraged Bonnie not to give up hope. Abigail shared with Chad her theory that Gwen lied to Jack. Julie confronted Marlena and demanded that she be allowed to see Doug. Paulina was nervous when Abe suggested that Marlena marry them. Jake took matters into his own hands. John was perplexed by what he discovered. Wait to See: Marlena decides she must silence Julie. Abe is rushed to the hospital. Jake is taken into police custody.

Melissa Ordway is “Abby” on “The Young and The Restless.” Sonya Flemming/CBS

Melissa Ordway is “Abby” on “The Young and The Restless.” Sonya Flemming/CBS

GENERAL HOSPITAL — Anna came to Valentin’s rescue. Sam and Dante made an important discovery. Nikolas and Ava celebrated at The Savoy. Jason and Britt learned some disturbing news. Nina sought support from Curtis. Terry received a surprising phone call. Finn and Liz had an awkward encounter. Olivia met Ned for dinner. Sonny connected with Spencer. Brook Lynn felt vindicated. Joss and Cam arrived at Spencer’s arraignment. Michael made a bargain. Robert tried to get the truth from Victor. Anna received a proposition. Jason and Britt arrived in Greece. Jax made an admission to Michael. Ava reminded Nina of the ace she had up her sleeve. Wait to See: Anna apologizes to Valentin. Maxie shares Brook Lynn’s concerns. Sasha runs interference when Gladys ruffles some feathers.

THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS — Victor gave Victoria and Ashland a unique wedding gift. Billy and Lily faced an ethical dilemma. Nick rebounded from a heated confrontation. Jack confided in Phyllis. Sally pressed her luck with Adam. Victor and Nick settled some unfinished business. Nikki tried to repair the rift between Victor and Nick. Lily and Billy escaped enemy territory. Lauren backed Chloe into a corner. Devon pointed Adam in the right direction. Mariah welcomed Tessa home. Abby kept up appearances. Wait to See: Victoria and Ashland make plans for the future. Noah surprises Sharon. Christine delivers some shocking news.

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