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THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL — Quinn confessed to Shauna her inner thoughts and desires. Sheila and Deacon defended their fake love to Finn and Hope. Sheila divulged her endgame to a skeptical Deacon. Matchmaking, Brooke urged Eric to dump Quinn for Donna. Meanwhile, Donna made a selfless sacrifice for Eric’s happiness. Alarms went off for Steffy and Liam when they heard the 411 on Sheila and Deacon. Donna accidentally revealed a secret to her sisters about Quinn and Eric. Wait to See: Thomas watches as Paris and Zende’s bond gets stronger. Quinn goes ballistic when she learns of Brooke and Donna’s interference. Katie finds an unexpected friendship that begins to blossom.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES — Kayla tried to revive Abe as he walked into the light. Julie and Paulina supported each other through a diffi- cult time. At St. Luke’s, John confronted a possessed Marlena. EJ was stunned when Kristen showed up on his doorstep. Ava and Philip had to deal with a loose end. Rafe questioned Jake about Abe’s shooting. Jack pressed Victor to help Gwen and Bonnie. Kristen decided to sneak off with Rachel. Philip tested Chloe’s loyalty. Belle was stunned by Marlena’s Halloween costume. Johnny, Allie and Chanel consulted a Ouija board. Theo returned home to visit Abe. EJ interrupted an intimate moment between Chad and Abigail. On Halloween night, Allie and Johnny learned that the Devil was in Salem. Wait to See: Ciara takes a pregnancy test. A possessed Marlena torments John in the Di- Mera crypt. Anna tells Tony her idea for Johnny’s movie.

Rena Sofer is “Quinn” on “The Bold and The Beautiful.” Gilles Toucas/CBS

Rena Sofer is “Quinn” on “The Bold and The Beautiful.” Gilles Toucas/CBS

GENERAL HOSPITAL — Jax made an admission to Michael. Ava reminded Nina of the ace up her sleeve. Anna apologized to Valentin. Maxie shared Brook Lynn’s concerns. Sonny and Carly were concerned about Michael. Willow vented to Sasha. Brook Lynn confronted Gladys. Spencer pondered his prospects with Esme. Ned turned to Austin for advice. Carly caught Sonny in a warm moment with Avery. Nikolas had news for Alexis in prison. Molly and Shawn talked about his future. Sonny received a surprising phone call. Carly thought Nina always played the victim. Willow and Michael had an honest conversation. Alexis made an important decision. Sasha and Maxie rebuked Gladys for going too far. Austin questioned Maxie’s relationships. Wait to See: Elizabeth cares for Valentin in the ICU. Finn expresses his regrets to Anna. Spencer is shocked by what he hears.

THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS — Abby leaned on Devon for support. Michael shared his plan of attack with Amanda. Phyllis cleared the air with Nick. Victor set a trap for Billy. Ashland received an update about his condition. Sharon showed her loyalty toward Adam. Billy and Lily enlisted Victoria’s help. Rey commiserated with Kevin. Christine and Ashley kept a secret from Abby. Sharon quizzed Noah about his time in London. Ashland sought a second opinion from Nate. Jack shared words of wisdom with Phyllis. Wait to See: Victor supports Abby through a crisis. Phyllis gives Nick a reality check. Amanda makes a painful decision.

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