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THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL — Hope forced Brooke to face her past. Heartbroken, Donna revealed to Katie that Eric banished her from his life because of Quinn. Ridge exploded when Brooke defended Deacon’s presence. Douglas caught Paris offguard by asking a personal question. In front of Carter, Katie and Quinn verbally sparred about Quinn’s many misdeeds. Hope defiantly reminded Ridge that Deacon is her father. Brooke was stunned when Hope gave her an ultimatum about Deacon. Hope shocked Liam with her decision about Deacon’s role in their lives. Wait to See: Ridge hires Justin for another job — to get the goods on Sheila and Deacon. Jack asks Sheila to lunch, but then hides when Finn arrives. Liam is conflicted by Hope’s decision and request.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES — Brady was thrown by Marlena’s salacious advice. Susan warned Ben and Ciara that their baby was in grave danger. A guilt-ridden Nicole pushed Rafe back toward Ava. Chloe confided a secret in Brady. Susan made a horrifying discovery. Ben and Ciara shared an awkward reunion with Theo. Paulina suggested to Abe that they postpone their wedding. Chanel realized her mother lied to her. Philip went into a downward spiral. Jake made a deal with Melinda. Ava changed tactics to secure her freedom. Gwen was upset to learn of the sacrifice Xander made for her. The Devil came up with a new way to destroy Marlena and John’s love. Wait to See: Steve tells Kayla he thinks something isn’t right about John’s disappearance. Gwen tries to trick Melinda into giving back Xander’s money. Chad and Abigail finally put the past behind them.

Eden McCoy is “Josslyn” on “General Hospital.” ABC/Craig Sjodin

Eden McCoy is “Josslyn” on “General Hospital.” ABC/Craig Sjodin

GENERAL HOSPITAL — Diane checked in with Carly. Britt worried about Obrecht. Sonny discussed a family matter. Willow was surprised by an unexpected encounter. Maxie and Brook Lynn conspired on the next stages of their plan. Austin began to wonder about Gladys. Josslyn expected a different reaction to her news from Trina. Sonny made Phyllis an offer. Maxie asked Sam about her relationship with Dante. Nina wondered if her days of going to Charlie’s were numbered. Elizabeth confided in Portia about her relationship with Finn. Scott sought out Ava at the gallery. Josslyn and Cameron finally had an evening alone. Maxie questioned Chase’s motivation. Robert put Olivia on the spot. Wait to See: Sonny counsels Spencer on the long road to redemption. Esme confronts Trina at the gallery. Curtis gets an unexpected visitor at The Savoy.

THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS — Billy turned the tables on Adam. Lily demanded answers from Victoria. Nikki worried about her family’s hidden conflict. Victor refused to back down. Jack kept his distance from Phyllis. Devon lost his cool. Abby reached out to Nick for help. Amanda and Michael discussed her testimony against Sutton. Sally kept score with Phyllis. Victor and Adam received a puzzling message. Rey interrogated Billy. Devon voiced his concerns about Dominic. Wait to See: Amanda worries about overstepping with Devon. Nina struggles with her grief. Billy and Lily are blindsided.

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