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THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL — Brooke argued with Eric that Donna, not Quinn, was his perfect match. Sheila pressed Jack to divulge the secret that he’d been keeping to Li and Finn. Carter admitted to a flattered Katie that he was ready for what was next in his life. Quinn and Eric’s relationship shifted after she made a true confession. Zende called upon Quinn’s expertise for the perfect gift for Paris. Jack made a shocking revelation to a devastated Li. Betrayed and heartbroken, Li demanded that Jack come clean to Finn. Wait to See: Carter interrupts an awkward moment between Paris and Thomas. Paris is floored when Thomas makes a surprise romantic overture. Li puts Jack on the spot to Steffy and Finn.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES — The Devil tried to corrupt John and Marlena’s love for one another. Kristen dropped a bombshell on Gwen. Xander enlisted Maggie’s help. EJ got hot and heavy with Nicole. Chanel told Johnny that she wasn’t going to attend her mother’s wedding. A possessed Marlena gave Ben and Ciara a special baby gift. Belle and Shawn found something curious in Marlena’s living room. Olivia got a bad vibe from Marlena. Kate had a change of heart. Abe and Paulina’s wedding came to a grinding halt. Lani received some devastating news. Belle debated going up against her mother. John and Susan worked together to try to escape the DiMera crypt. Lani and Paulina had an emotional confrontation. Wait to See: The Devil tries to weaken John’s love for Marlena. Johnny and Chanel’s relationship heats up. Susan makes a break for it.

Eric Braeden stars as “Victor” on “The Young and The Restless” Sonja Flemming/CBS

Eric Braeden stars as “Victor” on “The Young and The Restless” Sonja Flemming/CBS

GENERAL HOSPITAL — Curtis’ world was rocked by a bombshell revelation. Chase questioned Brook Lynn’s honesty. Esme stirred up some drama at Ava’s gallery. Sasha found herself in a tricky situation. Anna and Valentin were reeling from Robert’s news. Peter made some unexpected moves. All hands were on deck at Ava’s gallery. Carly went to see Phyllis. Sonny shared his insights with Alexis. Willow and Wiley ran into Nina. Maxie tried to smooth things over with Austin. Willow set the record straight. Gladys got to Valentin. Maxie was thrown by Austin’s questioning. Sonny gave Brando some fatherly advice. Those on Cassadine Island faced lifeor death consequences. Wait to See: Chase begins to connect the dots. Brook Lynn finds herself cornered. Maxie and Nina worry about the cost of their secrets.

THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS — Victor and Ashley were concerned about Abby’s decision-making. Billy and Lily walked into a trap. Devon received a shocking request. Victor revealed his latest maneuver against Chance Comm. Adam pushed Rey’s buttons. Billy and Lily got a harsh reality check. Jack and Phyllis shared an intense moment. Tessa turned to Noah for help. Ashley shared some unexpected news. Nikki helped Devon adjust to a new role. Abby made a distress call. Victor enjoyed Billy’s defeat. Wait to See: Victor and Devon work together to find Abby. Billy makes a dangerous gamble. Ashland gives Lily unsolicited advice.

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