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THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL — Liam confronted Thomas about taking advantage of Hope when she was vulnerable. Hope and little Douglas had a sweet moment sharing memories of Caroline. Hope was touched when Douglas told her that he loved her. Clearly upset, Brooke yelled at Liam for giving up so easily on his marriage to her daughter. Flo and Wyatt took their relationship to the next level. Xander called out Zoe for acting so distant lately. Maya then arrived to tell the shocked pair that Liam and Hope were splitting up. Wyatt questioned Flo about Phoebe’s birth father. Steffy accused her brother of having an ulterior motive when it came to Hope. Wait to See: Flo feels guilty after learning that Hope plans to annul her marriage.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES — A drunken Maggie had a showdown with Kate. Xander and his partner’s plan came into focus. Will lashed out at Ted and Hope. Looking for answers, Rex went through his notes from when he was working with Rolf. Ben shared his suspicions with Ciara about Claire starting the cabin fire. JJ and Haley prepared for their escape. John and Marlena tried to locate Rolf’s diary. Eve confessed a secret to Jack. Ben asked Marlena to hypnotize him again regarding the night of the fire. Jennifer helped Tripp escape from Jack. Meanwhile, Xander came to Jack’s aid. John made an emotional appeal for Eve’s help on Will’s behalf. Eric tried to get through to Nicole. Wait to See: Will is given some devastating news about his condition.

GENERAL HOSPITAL — Ava patiently waited for the right opportunity. Monica gave Drew her blessing. Curtis stayed by Jordan’s side. Neil made a house call. Shiloh played both sides of the fence. Kristina pleaded her case. Nina and Sasha enjoyed a mother-daughter lunch. Carly was proud of Michael. Lulu went to Maxie for some advice. Julian suggested Sam would be a good bet. Franco was very confrontational. Nina faced a rude awakening. Anna felt creeped out. Willow had Lulu’s full support. Sam propositioned Jason. Scott gave Ava the support she needed. Curtis turned to Laura for help. Anna was bent on confronting Alex. Wait to See: Franco visits Kiki’s grave.

THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS — An emotional week in Genoa City continued with the reading of Neil’s will. Rey encouraged Kyle and Lola to take over his lease, to which they readily agreed. The move went awry when their dinner caught fire, but it didn’t stop the lovebirds from celebrating their first official night together. Ana and Tessa continued to butt heads while producing a song together. Meanwhile, Mariah faced challenges of her own when her stalker showed up to confront her. Nick hired Rey as head of security for Dark Horse and asked him to keep tabs on Adam as well. As Billy, Kyle and Jack prepared for the launch of Jabot Collective, Ashley alerted them to a copycat site. Wait to See: A dangerous rivalry is reignited.

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