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THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL — Brooke and Ridge discussed Thomas’s lies and Steffy’s enormous loss. Wyatt apologized to Sally. Brooke reassured Douglas that he did the right thing by telling the truth. Hope revealed that she never stopped loving Liam. In hiding, Thomas obsessively looked at pictures on his phone. Quinn felt sorry for Flo. Bill and Liam shared a warm fatherson moment. Ridge warned Zoe about the consequences that she, too, would face after her father was finally arrested. The Logan sisters gushed over the new baby and were overjoyed that Hope was happy again. Flo and Shauna snuck into the cabin so that Flo could explain her side of the story to Hope. Wait to See: Brooke races against time to save Hope from Thomas.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES — “Nicole” lost her cool with Marlena. Hope asked John to help uncover Ted’s killer. Eric and Sarah made love. Eve pleaded with Justin to be her lawyer as she took on Jack. Meanwhile, Jack confronted Jennifer about an article she wrote about him. Haley had a medical emergency. Eli and Lani were thrown when Julie gave them the cold shoulder. Ben and Ciara teamed up to find evidence against Nicole. John and Hope put the squeeze on Xander. Marlena reunited with Tony. Anna made a shocking announcement. Gabi and “Nicole” had a major showdown. Wait to See: Roman gets drawn into Anna’s scheme.

GENERAL HOSPITAL — Kevin spoke to Alexis about Neil. Julian and Kim met with Lucy. Liz watched over Franco as he slept. Stella received an important message. Ava was caught off-guard. Sonny shared a tender conversation with Mike. Sam and Jason enjoyed a reprieve at home. Elizabeth shared what she knew with Franco. Julian and Lucas had an emotional conversation. Nina and Valentin tended to Sasha. Hayden didn’t go unnoticed. Brad asked Julian to reconsider. Sam and Jason regrouped with Robert. Finn and Valentin crossed paths at the hospital. Willow saw another side to Chase. Hayden responded to Finn’s request to meet. Carly and Sonny planned a cozy night together. Josslyn helped Dev prepare for his classes. Wait to See: Shiloh makes a proposal.

THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS — After a heartfelt conversation with Lola, Jack offered to fly to Miami and persuade Celeste to attend her daughter’s wedding. Despite Phyllis’ attempts to secure funding for The Grand Phoenix, Adam continued to sabotage her, offering to sell the hotel to Devon instead. Adam was disappointed when Victoria postponed his visit with Christian, claiming that he was sick in bed. However, Adam spotted Christian at the park with Nick and realized that Victoria lied to keep him away. Acting impulsively, Adam approached Christian, but the boy was spooked and ran off. Nate urged Elena to apply for a residency position at Memorial. Summer grilled Theo on the secret he and Kyle were keeping. Wait to See: Someone makes a shocking return to Genoa City.

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