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THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL — Eric urged Hope to offer Sally a job on her campaign. Thorne told a disheartened Katie that Wyatt had already moved on with Sally. Incredulous that Eric hired Sally, Ridge reminded his father of all of her past transgressions against Forrester Creations. Meanwhile, Hope cautioned her staff to be vigilant in protecting their designs and to keep an eye on Sally and Emma. Sally opened up to Ridge about all that she had been through these past few months. Charlie watched Emma taking inventory and suspected that she also was taking photos of the clothing. Emma was forced to defend herself to Maya about her motives. Liam previewed the new Hope for the Future website to Thorne. Wait to See: A blackmailer has an unexpected and unexplained change of heart.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES — Abigail feared she might be pregnant, but kept it from Chad. Will admitted to Paul that he had a memory about Sonny. Kayla told Stefan her theory about Kate, but he wanted proof. Abigail was about to take a pregnancy test when she ran into Gabi. Sonny tried to get Leo to confess. Chad confronted Stefan and warned him to stay away from his wife. Hope had a stunning realization regarding Ciara. Ben and Ciara grew closer. Abigail confided in Gabi that she was pregnant but uncertain of the father. Kayla gave Steve some good news, but had to lie to him. A desperate Leo sought out Sonny. Hope told Rafe that she believed her daughter was with Ben. Stefan put the screws to Kate. Wait to See: Gabi is intrigued when she spies Kate and Stefan together.

GENERAL HOSPITAL — Jason became unnerved, while Nina was livid. Valentin continued his efforts. Sam had to think fast on her feet. Maxie turned to Jordan for advice. Josslyn told a white lie. Michael received a stern warning. Chase gave in. Drew went all out for Oscar. Sonny’s plans were interrupted. Carly’s curiosity got the better of her. Ava considered the alternatives. Alexis felt grateful. Kiki refused to back down. Chase made a promise. Jordan learned the truth. Scott got an offer he couldn’t refuse. Lulu received a second chance. Drew paid Liz a visit. Sam helped Jason. Lucy worried about Kevin. Jason and Spinelli caught a break. Wait to See: Michael surprises Nelle.

THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS — Summer continued to annoy Kyle at work by upstaging his presentation. Despite his initial anger, Kyle soon realized that Summer actually helped him save face. The two renewed their friendship, but Summer was surprised to find herself jealous when Kyle started dating another girl. Despite his family’s suggestion that he back down, Jack wasn’t ready to give up on the search for his birth father. Charlie and Shauna made their relationship official. Hilary and Devon declared their love for one another. Nick warned his father that he would get what was coming to him. The Newman hacker stepped up his game. Wait to See: Cane defends the Chancellor legacy. (c) 2018 King Features

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