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RECAPS – 11/7-11

THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL .Liam was appalled when Steffy justified her actions in Aspen. Thomas told Hope that she inspired him to create a new line. Liam was furious when Steffy badmouthed Hope to him. Thomas and Steffy agreed to keep Hope and Liam from reuniting. Ridge was stunned when Thomas said he had feelings for Hope. Brooke was suspicious when Hope told her that Thomas had kissed her. Hope asked Liam about his commitment to his marriage. Katie was surprised to learn the truth about

Steffy’s part in Hope getting trapped in a gondola. Steffy asked Liam to stop seeing Hope and concentrate on their marriage. Sparks flew as Rick and Amber reminisced about their first kiss years before. Dayzee’s has a special Veteran’s Day celebration with country singer Beau Davidson. THIS WEEK: Stephanie is worried about Pam’s mental state. DAYS OF OUR LIVES . EJ and Nicole fought then made love. Jack opened Jennifer about his turbulent abduction. Daniel learned that Maggie was his biological mother. Maggie and Victor were married in a quiet,

private ceremony because of the blizzard. Jen and Hope discussed Alice’s secret accounts and found a clue that linked Alice to Stefano. On the day that John’s trial was to begin, he was given a chance to meet with family at the Brady Pub. Nicole forced EJ to sign the divorce papers, even though she agreed to stay with him until the end of the election. While sharing family time with Sami and her children, an assassin took a shot at John and in the melee, Johnny went missing. Stefano congratulated EJ for having successfully framed John for murder. EJ believed that he could legitimize the DiMera name as a legacy for Johnny. Bo asked Austin to investigate Alice’s accounts. Brady and Madison got closer. THIS WEEK: The body of a young boy is discovered. GENERAL HOSPITAL . Matt struggled to save Liz’s life. The woman from Steve’s past, Maggie, arrived in Port Charles. Lucky felt a presence at the church. Spinelli discovered a new special talent, online sports betting. Jason and Sam were shocked by Franco’s wedding gift. Dante was drawn into the Lisa Niles murder investigation. Liz continued to deteriorate. Maxie discovered that Matt was taking care of Liz. Jason goes to visit Elizabeth. Tracy told Luke the truth about Aiden’s paternity. Carly learned more about Shawn’s experiences in the military on Veteran’s Day. Johnny watched Sonny and Kate together. Olivia

took a home pregnancy test. Lulu was upset about Dante. Sonny was concerned about Olivia’s health. Patrick, Robin, Steve, Matt, Maxie and Olivia were all suspects in the Niles’ investigation. THIS WEEK: Sam tries to keep the truth from Spinelli. ONE LIFE TO LIVE . Blair decides that she wanted a future with Tomas and not a resurrection of her life with Todd. Tea learned the results of her pregnancy test. Jack contemplated setting fire to The Sun. Rama and Vimal searched for Neela. Viki arranged for Clint to be able to walk Natalie down the aisle at her wedding. Todd got the gun from Louie. Irene egged on Todd to kill Tomas. Bo turned to John for help solving Victor’s murder. Nora and Bo recalled their wedding and prayed for Matthew’s recovery. Clint found DV, the dog, with the DNA test results in his mouth. Rama agreed to help Neela get out of her prearranged marriage. Clint had a bonding moment with Rex before Natalie’s wedding. Tina told Natalie she didn’t have to marry Brody. Shaun had a drink with Vivian and learned that she did not want to get married. Rick was unimpressed with Starr’s music video and decided to shoot a new one. THIS WEEK: Rex comes face to face with a familiar face. THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS . Victoria was incensed to discover Adam

working for Newman Enterprises. Kevin resisted Angelina’s advances. Angelo demanded that Devon help Angelina to win the singing competition. Christine returned to Genoa City. Nick refused to explain the recording from Diane’s murder to Ronan. Genevieve convinced Myrna to remove her facial bandages, but Myrna insisted on wearing a veil. Phyllis discovered Avery with Nick when he was half- dressed. Kevin warned Gloria not to accept any loans from Angelo. Victor told Victoria she had no choice but to accept Adam. Victoria assured Victoria that Adam was completely fooled by their ruse. Christine and Paul wondered if Ricky had taken after his mother Isabella, whom Christine remembered tried to frame her for murder. Ronan implied to Nick that he was sexually involved with Phyllis. THIS WEEK: Victor assigns Tank to watch Billy.

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