Whitesburg KY

Soft drink delivery man among six charged in grand jury indictments

Six people have been named in eight indictments issued by the Letcher Grand Jury, including a Neon man charged with theft in three indictments.

Terry Alan Baker, 37, of 212 Fairview Lane, Neon, is charged in the three indictments with obtaining property valued at more than $500 from the RC Cola Bottling Co. of Whitesburg in December, January, and February. He is also accused in each indictment with having forged or altered delivery tickets and records of alleged sales of soft drinks.

Kentucky State Police Detective Charles Bledsoe testified in the cases.

Others indicted are:

• Bessie Jane Smith — three counts of wanton endangerment, terroristic threatening, and possession of a handgun by a convicted felon.

The grand jury says Smith, 30, 53 Oak Drive, Eolia, pointed a loaded 45 caliber pistol at Joe Whitaker, Paulette Whitaker and Matthew Whitaker and fired a shot. She is also charged with threatening the Whitaker family.

Joe Whitaker testified in the case.

• Shirley Hart — escape and being a persistent felony off ender.

Hart, 32, 49 Sergent Rd., Whitesburg, is accused of escaping from the home incarceration program of the Letcher County Jail when she failed to report on Oct. 9 to begin her electronically monitored period of home incarceration following her felony conviction in Letcher Circuit Court.

Letcher County Deputy Mickey Stines testified in the case.

• Kenneth Cornett — bail jumping.

The grand jury says Cornett, 45, of 17122 Hwy. 160, Whitesburg, failed to appear in the Letcher Circuit Courtroom for arraignment on Nov. 28 in connection with felony charges.

Deputy Clerk Sandy Wright testified in the case.

• Matthew A. Whitaker — bail jumping and being a persistent felony off ender.

The grand jury says Whitaker, also known as ‘Matt’ Whitaker, 9895 Hwy. 119 South, Cumberland, failed to appear in Letcher District Court for a preliminary hearing in connection with felony charges on Nov. 18.

Deputy Clerk Sandy Wright testified in the case.

• Monroe Brock — criminal mischief.

Brock, 43, 57 Arnold Drive, Blackey, is charged with damaging the home of his brother, Freddie Brock, by breaking out numerous storm windows and causing other damage to the home on December 7.

Freddie Brock testified in the case.

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